ActiveReports.NET Releases

Released: Jan 25, 2023

Updates in 17


  • RDL Dashboard - New Report Type
    • RDL Dashboards offer a convenient way to display data visualization controls such as charts, tables, sparklines, maps, and more in a scrollable, interactive container.
    • RDL Dashboard Reports can be multi-page like RDL Multi-Section Reports. With multiple pages or sections, you can make the dashboard report more informative with details spread across the pages. The pages can then be navigated using tabs in the preview.
    • The Container control in the RDL...

Released: Nov 15, 2022

Updates in 16.3.1


  • New Report Type - RDL Multi-Section Report - RDL Multi-Section Report, the new report type, provides the possibility of combining multiple RDL reports into a single report optionally with various page sizes. You can also create continuous page layout reports with different page sizes and orientations, from scratch. While in an RDL Report, there are page settings for the complete report, in the RDL Multi-Section Report, the report can have multiple sections with independent page settings...

Released: Sep 1, 2022

Updates in 16.2


  • RPX Section Reports in the Web Designer - Users can now create, edit and view RPX Section Reports fully in the Web Designer. This includes pre-existing reports created in the Desktop Designer or Visual Studio Integrated Designer.
  • PAdES Support in PDF Digital Signature (Pro) - A new setting called SignatureFormat has been added to the PDF digital signature options, which allows the use of PAdES (PDF Advanced Electronic Signatures), available in PDF2.0 (ISO 32000-2). This is available for...

Released: Jun 1, 2022

Updates in 16.1


  • JSViewer and WebViewer - Both the JSViewer and WebViewer controls come with built-in printing support via a print dialog. You may want to simplify printing by not displaying the dialog box and with this release, you can set the 'silentPrint' property to enable this functionality:
  • Web Report Designer - Similar to how Microsoft Word uses vertical and horizontal rulers to adjust page margins, you can now add rulers to your reporting design surface for WYSIWYG measurements and to easily...

Released: Jan 18, 2022

Updates in 16


  • Microsoft .NET 6 Support - To get started with ActiveReports on .NET 6 you will need Visual Studio 2022 with .NET 6 installed. Run the ActiveReports.NET installer to install the necessary tools and integrate them with your Visual Studio 2022 instance.
  • New Blazor Viewer - ActiveReports.NET 16 includes a wrapped JSViewer component that easily integrates into Blazor applications. The Blazor Viewer is available in ActiveReports.NET Professional Edition.
  • Animations - This release adds...

Released: Sep 14, 2021

Updates in 15.2


  • Added new TXT Export for Printing Tabular Reports to an ASCII Printer.
  • Desktop End-User Report Designer Customization - While you have always been able to customize ActiveReports' End-User Report Designers, in this release, the process of controlling the ability to add data sources, datasets, and parameters in the Desktop End-User Report Designer has been simplified.
    • Added an "EnabledNodes" property to the Report Explorer component to control the ability of an end-user to add new data...

Released: Apr 27, 2021

Updates in 15.1


  • Section Reports on Linux - This release includes several enhancements to the Section Reports rendering engine that allow you to deploy your application to a Linux server.
  • Custom Font Resolving - Pass custom fonts via an API so your Page, RDL, and Section Reports display with the right fonts on Linux.
  • JSViewer Performance Improvements - Improved rendering speed when exporting HTML by building the layout and exporting each report page in parallel.
  • PDF/UA Enhancements - Previously, when...

Released: Dec 18, 2020

Updates in 15


  • Added new Microsoft .NET 5.0 controls for reporting:
    • Added single-file apps to distribute applications as a single exe.
    • Improved performance including garbage collector and JIT enhancements.
    • Improved Blazor Server and WebAssembly.
  • Report Designer for web enhancements - The following are new features and enhancements introduced in the End-User Report Designer for web:
    • Table Control Simplifications:
      • You can create a table from a dataset by dragging the dataset to the design surface.
      • If...

Released: Sep 22, 2020

Updates in 14.2


  • Added support for Section Reports in Microsoft .NET Core - You can now render any report type (code based section reports, *.rpx reports, RDL, or Page) and export them using Rendering Extensions or Export Filters on the Microsoft .NET Core framework. Section Reports support deployment to Microsoft Windows machines.
  • Improved Runtime Capabilities in .NET Core - You can now include custom code in the "Script" section of any of your report files to extend the runtime capabilities in .NET...

Released: May 20, 2020

Updates in 14.1


  • .NET Core 3.1 Support - For anyone using ActiveReports in a .NET Core 2.x or 3.0 application, it's recommend that you upgrade to .NET Core 3.1 and ActiveReports 14.1. The main benefit of .NET Core, aside from performance improvements, is in its cross-platform nature where you can deploy your .NET applications to macOS and Linux systems.
  • Adding MetaData in PDF Exports - This feature is designed specifically for European users who follow ZUGFeRD standards when creating PDF output of...