Rebex MSG for .NET

Rebex MSG for .NET is a library for reading, processing and writing Microsoft Outlook .MSG e-mail message files. In addition, a separate API for MIME and S/MIME messages is included.

Rebex MSG Features

  • Powerful .MSG API - Use MsgMessage class to manipulate subject, body, recipients and attachments of Outlook .MSG messages. Or list and manipulate MAPI properties of .MSG messages directly.
  • MIME API included - In addition to the Microsoft Outlook MSG file format, a separate API for MIME and S/MIME messages is included.
  • PC and mobile - Supports a wide range of .NET platforms. Suitable for .NET on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.

MSG message API

  • Load and save messages...

Latest News

Rebex MSG for .NET R6.4
Rebex MSG for .NET R6.4
Improves date header parser and adds support for .NET 6.0 on Android and iOS.
Rebex MSG for .NET R6.3
Rebex MSG for .NET R6.3
Improves handling of TNEF (Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format) attachments.
Rebex MSG for .NET R6.1
Rebex MSG for .NET R6.1
Adds UseDefaultCharsetForHeaders option to MailSettings and MimeOptions.
Rebex MSG for .NET R6.0
Rebex MSG for .NET R6.0
Adds new set of binaries targeting the final version of .NET 6.0.
Rebex MSG for .NET R5.7
Rebex MSG for .NET R5.7
Adds support for .NET 6.0 and Windows 11.
Rebex MSG for .NET R5.6
Rebex MSG for .NET R5.6
Adds support for Microsoft .NET 6.0 RC2.

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Component Type
  • .NET 6.0/5.0
  • .NET 3.5 SP1, 4.0-4.8
  • .NET Core 2.1-3.1
  • Mono 5.x/6.x
  • Xamarin.iOS 13.10 or later
  • Xamarin.Android 10.1 or later

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