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ComponentArt UI Framework for .NET by ComponentArt

URLs: componentart-ui-framework, componentart ui framework, componentartuiframework, componentart

The complete framework for building next generation WPF, AJAX and Silverlight Rich Internet Applications. ComponentArt UI Framework for .NET includes ComponentArt Win.UI for WPF, ComponentArt SOA.UI for .NET, ComponentArt Web.UI for ASP.NET MVC, ComponentArt Web.UI for Silverlight and ComponentArt Web.UI for ASP.NET AJAX. ComponentArt SOA.UI for .NET is a framework for building web services specialized to serve the user interface tier. It enables full server-side code reuse between ASP.NET AJAX and Silverlight front ends. ComponentArt Web.UI for Silverlight offers user interfaces to Silverlight-based Rich Internet Applications. All Web.UI for Silverlight controls ship with five professionally-design built-in themes. ComponentArt Web.UI for ASP.NET AJAX offers client-side richness and user interface performance. Now offering second generation web service binding through SOA.UI, ComponentArt Web.UI delivers full server-side code reuse with Silverlight applications. ComponentArt components are designed for and have been tested with all modern browsers. C# Source Code and 1 Year Subscription included.

ComponentArt UI Framework for .NET includes ComponentArt Win.UI for WPF, ComponentArt SOA.UI for .NET, ComponentArt Web.UI for ASP.NET MVC, ComponentArt Web.UI for Silverlight and ComponentArt Web.UI for ASP.NET AJAX offering together a complete framework for building next generation AJAX and Silverlight Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). C# Source Code and 1 Year Subscription included.

ComponentArt Win.UI for WPF Overview

Designed to provide a comprehensive user interface and data visualization platform to WPF developers, ComponentArt Win.UI for WPF has been implemented on a common code base with ComponentArt Silverlight controls, enabling the reuse of code and skills when developing web and Windows applications. ComponentArt Win.UI for WPF currently includes Grid, charting, navigation and input components.

ComponentArt Web.UI for ASP.NET MVC Overview

ComponentArt Web.UI for ASP.NET MVC is a set of native ASP.NET MVC HTML helpers, designed to provide a comprehensive user interface platform to ASP.NET MVC developers. The controls offer rich client-side behaviour without relying on viewstate or postbacks. ComponentArt Web.UI for ASP.NET MVC currently includes grid, navigation, calendar and combobox components.

ComponentArt SOA.UI for .NET Overview

ComponentArt SOA.UI for .NET is a framework for building web services specialized to serve the user interface tier. Enables full server-side code reuse between ASP.NET AJAX and Silverlight front ends.

ComponentArt SOA.UI for .NET streamlines the development of web services to drive ComponentArt Web.UI controls or to be used directly by other JSON-enabled Libraries, such as jQuery. Using SOA.UI produces superior AJAX user interface performance, while ensuring that the presentation layer code written for ASP.NET today is ready for future Silverlight applications.

Building on Silverlight best practices, SOA.UI for .NET provides a server-side layer that helps reduce the amount of UI servicing code by up to 30%. The SOA.UI automatic mode enables implementing common user interface patterns without any client-side code, while the manual mode provides full programmatic control over key web service communication events and the serialized structures

Key Benefits of ComponentArt SOA.UI for .NET

Rapid Development: Reduce the amount of presentation layer code by up to 30%.

Server-side Code Reuse: Target ASP.NET AJAX, Silverlight, WPF or Mobile front ends with the same code.

Top Performance: Get the best UI performance by directly binding with web services

Cloud-Friendly Architecture: Gain the ability to deploy into the "Azure" cloud environment.

ComponentArt Web.UI for Silverlight Overview

ComponentArt Web.UI for Silverlight delivers Rich, High performance UIs to Silverlight RIAs.

ComponentArt Web.UI for Silverlight currently includes:

ComponentArt DataGrid for Silverlight

Deliver Enterprise-grade data handling features with your Silverlight applications, including grouping of records, hierarchical display, enhanced paging and full client-side operation

ComponentArt ToolBar for Silverlight

Introduce the richness of high-end Windows toolbars to the web through ToolBar for Silverlight. The control features a wide range of built-in button types and a powerful API.

ComponentArt Upload for Silverlight

Incorporate rich multi-file uploading functionality with file previews and progress indicators into your Silverlight applications through ComponentArt Upload for Silverlight

ComponentArt Menu for Silverlight

Add powerful and fluid menus to your Silverlight applications. Featuring easy data binding, customizable look and feel, boundary detection and a powerful API

ComponentArt ItemFlow for Silverlight

Enhance your applications with a dynamic and visually appealing navigation experience. Featuring extensive settings to customize item size, spacing, perspective and zoom levels.

ComponentArt DragDrop for Silverlight

Enable drag & drop functionality for any Silverlight user interface element. Featuring customizable node move indicators, easy-to-configure drag & drop targets and an elegant API.

ComponentArt TreeView for Silverlight

Real cross browser context menus for Silverlight. Featuring unlimited levels of menu items, easy data binding, customizable look and feel, a powerful API and more

ComponentArt ContextMenu for Silverlight

Real cross browser context menus for Silverlight. Featuring unlimited levels of menu items, easy data binding, customizable look and feel, a powerful API and more.

ComponentArt BreadCrumb for Silverlight

BreadCrumb for Silverlight is a navigation control featuring intuitive handling of context within large hierarchical structures.

ComponentArt RangeSlider for Silverlight

A versatile and extensible range selection capable of handling any data, RangeSlider includes built-in axis rendering for several common data types

ComponentArt Spinner for Silverlight

Spinner for Silverlight features fully customizable animations for time-intensive operations and provides a selection of rich built-in graphics, making it useable right out of the box

ComponentArt HtmlEditor for Silverlight

With customizable and themeable toolbars, HtmlEditor features complete WYSIWYG editing of HTML content

ComponentArt Window for Silverlight

Create custom windows with the ability to show, hide, move and resize custom content. Window for Silverlight also features modal display behavior, several built-in animation styles and custom alignment support.

ComponentArt Splitter for Silverlight

Featuring full API positioning control and animated resizing & collapsing, Splitter for Silverlight makes developing customizable user interfaces simple

ComponentArt MaskedInput for Silverlight

A powerful, fully-functional textbox featuring customizable text input transforms, MaskedInput includes a number of built-in transforms, such as Zip Code, Postal Code, Telephone, and Credit Card

ComponentArt Gauge for Silverlight

Advanced Gauge component for your Silverlight applications. ComponentArt Gauge for Silverlight includes radial, Linear and Numeric gauges. Easy to use and integrate, you can select one of thirteen available gauge geometries including circular, four semi-circular geometries and eight quarter-circular geometries. Radial and Linear gauges support multiple pointers as well as scales on one gauge.

ComponentArt Chart for Silverlight

Advanced Charting and Graphing to your Silverlight applications. ComponentArt Chart for Silverlight is higly customizable and includes advanced features include animations, 3D, etc. As Data Source, ComponentArt Chart for Silverlight can bind to any type supported by Silverlight binding such as a collection of objects.

ComponentArt Web.UI for ASP.NET AJAX Overview

ComponentArt Web.UI for ASP.NET AJAX is a suite of native ASP.NET AJAX controls, ComponentArt Web.UI for ASP.NET AJAX pushes the boundaries of client-side richness and user interface performance. Now offering second generation web service binding through SOA.UI, ComponentArt Web.UI delivers full server-side code reuse with Silverlight applications.

ComponentArt Web.UI for ASP.NET AJAX currently includes

ComponentArt Calendar

An Integrated Calendar and date picker, ComponentArt Calendar supports a variety of date and date-range selection types, without requiring postbacks for month paging or date selections. ComponentArt Calendar enables easy implementation of stand-alone calendars, date pickers, pop-up calendars, and date range pickers. Features include: Multi-month display, multi-date selection, custom days collection, disabled days collection, keyboard control and more.

ComponentArt CallBack

A lightweight Universal AJAX Wrapper. ComponentArt Callback adds cutting-edge AJAX functionality to the other components in the Web.UI suite and AJAX-enables virtually any ASP.NET control. Features the ability to efficiently execute server-side logic without going through the pages life cycle.

ComponentArt ComboBox

ComponentArt ComboBox enables easy creation of sophisticated dropdowns and dynamic auto-complete textbox lists with top performance and client-side programmatic control. ComponentArt ComboBox features client-side caching of data loaded through callbacks, and client-side use of custom data fields.

ComponentArt Dialog

Create custom dialog boxes with the ability to show, hide, move, and resize customer ASP.NET content with optional modal display. ComponentArt Dialog features standard server APIs and client APIs used for creating new instances, populating content, returning result values, and to show/ hide/ move/ resize/ focus methods and events.

ComponentArt Editor

ComponentArt's WYSIWYG Editor control overcomes browser inconsistencies, delivering consistent XHTML output across all modern browsers. ComponentArt Editor exposes industry-leading client-side API, allowing developers to fully customize the look, feel and behaviour of the control.

ComponentArt Grid

An advanced ASP.NET Grid component. ComponentArt Grid for ASP.NET Main Features are:

Advanced Client Programming: Powerful client-side API featuring Microsoft AJAX library syntax allows for total control over structure and data, with persistence to the server.

Widest ASP.NET Framework Support: ComponentArt Grid is available for ASP.NET 1.0, ASP.NET 2.0, ASP.NET AJAX and ASP.NET 3.5.

Comprehensive AJAX Support: Paging, sorting, filtering, grouping, and editing can be performed through AJAX callbacks - without reloading the pages.

Multi-mode Operation: ComponentArt Grid features the ability to operate in Client, Callback, and Server modes.

Client-side Templates: Client-side templates dramatically decrease pages footprint and enable innovative new features such as real-time data previewing while paging.

Fast and Lightweight: ComponentArt Grid offers the lightest pages footprint and fastest performance in the industry.

Cross-Browser Compatibility: Supports IE5-7, Firefox 1-2, Netscape 7-8, Mozillas, Opera 8-9, Safari 1.

Other Features: Column resizing and reordering, hierarchical display of tables, selection of multiple records, record editing, conditional formatting, context menus, and keyboard control.

ComponentArt Menu

ComponentArt Menu includes a complete client-side API with the ability to create, change or delete menu items at any level, and persist all changes to the server. ComponentArt Menu main features are expand/ collapse settings, integrated client and server APIs, advanced navigation, context menus, scrolling groups, keyboard shortcuts, and more.

ComponentArt Multipages

ComponentArt Multipages has the ability to nest custom ASP.NET controls within a series of pagesView panels. Nested controls are declared and accessed directly on the pages level, there is no need to use the FindControl() method. ComponentArt Multipages also includes full programmatic control on the server-side through fully exposed Multipages and pagesView objects, and through Javascript objects on the client-side.

ComponentArt NavBar

ComponentArt NavBar control generates a fraction of the content of traditional ASP.NET NavBar/ OutlookBar/ PanelBar controls.Simply point to an XML file or stream, SQL database, or create the entire NavBar structure programmatically. NavBar structure and visual appearance are defined through industry standards XML and CSS.

ComponentArt WebGauge

ComponentArt WebGauge features more than 18 different gauge types including Circular, Semi-Circular, Quarter-Circular, Linear and Numeric. With four embedded, pre-defined themes, WebGauge is ready to be used right out of the box. Features such as multiple scales, ranges & pointers and embedded sub-gauges allow for complex gauge layouts and designs. Customize the look, feel, and behavior of WebGauge with this full client-side API. Features include auto-refresh at a given interval, two-way custom properties, and much more.

ComponentArt Rotator

Rotate any user interface by simply specifying your slide template, and use multiple instances of the Ticker control for a more dynamic presentation. Easily populate your rotation content by data binding with XML files or streams, DataSet & DataReader objects, or any other custom .NET collection. ComponentArt Rotator features include: Design-time support for ASP.NET Web Matrix and Visual Studio .NET, support for multiple instances per pages, detailed design and programming examples, and more.

ComponentArt SiteMap

ComponentArt SiteMap for ASP.NET enables easy creation of site maps of breadcrumb navigation interfaces from existing XML structures.You can choose from a variety of predefined layout styles, or create virtually any custom design through cascading style sheets, icons and images.

ComponentArt Snap

ComponentArt Snap for ASP.NET is a free component that enables rich DHTML positioning of any ASP.NET content including moving, docking, expanding/collapsing, aligning, floating, resizing and z-ordering. ComponentArt Snap features full server-side interface for programmatically controlling the location/ state of all Snap-positioned elements on the pages.

ComponentArt SpellCheck

ComponentArt SpellCheck supports custom dictionaries, multiple languages as well as dialog based and context menu based spell checking user interfaces. Dictionaries for any number of languages can be incorporated into a solution and selected though the public API. Custom, user-specific dictionaries are supported, enabling personalized experiences.

ComponentArt Splitter

ComponentArt Splitter allows developers to create user interface layouts with multiple resizable panes, expand / collapse capabilities, scrolling content and more. Any number of layouts can be defined, and the current layout can be selected programmatically through API. The Splitter control exposes extensive client-side and server-side APIs for full programmatic control, and all client-side changes are persisted to the sever-side on postback.

ComponentArt TabStrip

ComponentArt TabStrip is a fully featured navigation control based on advanced client-side rendering technology. When paired with the Multipages control, TabStrip also enables efficient client-side TabStrip interfaces. Virtually any design can be implemented through CSS style definitions, and optional custom images.

ComponentArt ToolBar Featuring a wide range of built-in button types, ComponentArt ToolBar brings the richnees, look and feel and high-end windows toolbars to the web. Command (default), ToggleCheck (independent checked/unchecked states), ToggleRadio (exactly one item can be checked in the group), ToggleRadioCheck (at most one item can be checked in the group), DropDown (shows a popup menu), DropDownSplit (button split into two parts: command and dropdown), and Separator (non-clickable break item). Client and server APIs can be used for accessing, adding, removing and modifying items.

ComponentArt TreeView

ComponentArt TreeView for ASP.NET includes a client-side API featuring Microsoft AJAX library syntax allows for total control over structure and data, with persistence to the server. ComponentArt TreeView for ASP.NET features built-in AJAX support, rich drag and drop capabilities, inline node editing, cut, copy and paste features, context menus, keyboard control, nesting ASP.NET content, easy data biding with XML, SQL databases, file system, and more.

ComponentArt Upload

ComponentArt Upload for ASP.NET delivers high performance multi-file uploading functionality. Featuring sophisticated AJAX progress monitoring UIs, Files are uploaded without ASP.NET postbacks: the control communicates with the server effectively and renders user interface elements through callbacks.

ComponentArt Chart

Featuring advanced 3D rendering quality and sophisticated AJAX capabilities, ComponentArt Chart is and advanced charting control for ASP.NET. The original 3D rendering engine makes full use of 3D space for additional data presentation (for example variable segment heights in pie/doughnut charts). ComponentArt Chart includes features such as object intrusion to produce great looking charts, not possible in traditional 2D rendering.

Other ComponentArt Chart Features:

AJAX Features: Zooming, Scrolling, drill-down, toolbar interactivity and more

Wizard: Visual Studio design-time support makes creation of complex charts possible without coding

Customizable Chart Styles: All visual aspects of any chart are controlled through a concept or reusable styles for indivudual chart elements.

ComponentArt ColorPicker for ASP.NET

ComponentArt ColorPicker for ASP.NET is an all-in one solution for adding color selection to websites and applications. Featuring multiple interfaces to suit different needs as well as a client-side API for easy integration into any application

ComponentArt Input for ASP.NET

ComponentArt Input for ASP.NET offers Rich Masked and Numeric Input. ComponentArt's MaskedInput and NumberInput controls turn your textboxes into integrated client-side UI controls in minutes.

ComponentArt Slider for ASP.NET:

ComponentArt Slider brings rich visualization and feedback to user input. Featuring multiple orientations, extensive functionality and limitless styles.

Build next generation WPF, AJAX and Silverlight Rich Internet Applications.

Operating System for Deployment: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000

Architecture of Product: 32Bit, 64Bit

Product Type: Component

Component Type: ASP.NET WebForms, ASP.NET AJAX (ATLAS), Silverlight, AJAX

Built Using: Visual C# .NET

Compatible Containers: Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, Microsoft Visual Basic 2010, Microsoft Visual Basic 2008, Microsoft Visual Basic 2005, Microsoft Visual Basic .NET 2003, Microsoft Visual Basic .NET, Microsoft Visual C++ 2010, Microsoft Visual C++ 2008, Microsoft Visual C++ 2005, Microsoft Visual C++ .NET 2003, Microsoft Visual C++ .NET, Microsoft Visual C# 2010, Microsoft Visual C# 2008, Microsoft Visual C# 2005, Microsoft Visual C# .NET 2003, Microsoft Visual C# .NET, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0, Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0, Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0, Mozilla Firefox 3.5, Mozilla Firefox 3.0, .NET Framework 4.0, .NET Framework 3.5, .NET Framework 3.0, ASP.NET Web Matrix, Silverlight 4, Silverlight 3, Silverlight 2

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