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von Skylark Associates - Produkttyp: Komponente / ActiveX OCX

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SkyLight by Skylark Associates

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Display QuickTime digital video from within your application. SkyLight provides access to Apple's QuickTime technology within your Visual Basic, MFC or other COM-enabled application; or even on a web page. Load and play digital video with full control, play sound files and load images in dozens of different formats, and display virtual-reality scenes with QuickTimeVR.

Developers have long regarded Apples QuickTime as the ultimate in digital media and streaming technology. Currently in version 4 and accepted as the basis for the new MPEG4 standard, QuickTime goes from strength to strength. Now SkyLight allow easy integration of this award-winning technology for developers using Visual Basic, MFC, Internet Explorer and many other environments which support COM components.

SkyLight comes in two flavours:

SkyLight Lite provides basic QuickTime support for movie playback and image display for applications with a straightforward requirement to play movies or sounds, or to display images.

SkyLight Pro is targeted at the professional developer who needs full control over QuickTime. Includes a wealth of additional properties, methods and events supporting the following features:

Editing capabilites - create, edit and save movies

QuickTimeVR support

Text track searching

Full track control

Streaming support - load a movie from a URL: intranet or internet

User Data insert/read movie meta data

Image properties

QuickTime version and component checking

Draw image or movie frame to any HDC

Load tracks into RAM

Read and set QuickTime streaming settings

Movie poster frame

SkyLight is supplied with full documentation and sample applications for Visual Basic, MFC and Internet Explorer (web page).

Originally developed for use in our own in-house projects, SkyLight is the only commercially available COM component solution for QuickTime, and is now in use world-wide in consumer CD-ROM products, kiosks and browser-based applications.

SkyLight components are digitally signed and are supplied with a CAB file for convenient distribution.

Display QuickTime digital video from within your application.

Pricing: SkyLight V1.2 1 Lite Developer License, SkyLight V1.2 1 Professional Developer License

Evals & Downloads: Browse the SkyLight Documentation, Download the SkyLight Professional V1.2 evaluation on to your computer - Displays Nag Screens, Download the SkyLight Lite V1.2 evaluation on to your computer - Displays Nag Screens

Operating System for Deployment: Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 95

Architecture of Product: 32Bit

Product Type: Component

Component Type: ActiveX OCX

Built Using: ActiveX Template Library (ATL)

General: Includes Digital Signature, Marked as Safe for Scripting, Marked as Safe for Initialization, Supports Apartment Model Threading

Compatible Containers: Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0, Microsoft Visual Studio 97, Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0, Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0, Microsoft Visual FoxPro 6.0, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0, Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0

Product Class: User Interface Components

Keywords: QuickTime quick time

Skylark Associates

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Part numbers: PC-509983-368366 509983-368366 PC-509983-368367 509983-368367


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