Über ComponentOne Studio Enterprise

Eine komplette Sammlung leistungsstarker und erweiterbarer .NET-Oberflächenelemente für das Internet, Desktops und mobile Geräte.

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise enthält Komponenten von allen ComponentOne Studio-Abos und bietet somit über 180 Komponenten für .NET, ASP.NET (AJAX-fähig), WPF, Silverlight, ActiveX und Mobilgeräte. Ab dem Kaufdatum stellt Ihnen ComponentOne Studio Enterprise für ein ganzes Jahr die neuesten Komponenten, Versionen, Updates und Upgrades sowie Support per E-Mail und Internet bereit.

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise Subscription Benefits
This subscription entitles you to minor and major updates of any of the products included in the ComponentOne Studio Enterprise as well as any new products added to the ComponentOne Studio Enterprise during one year.

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise has 3 releases per year and these are scheduled for the middle of the month in March, July and November each year.

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise Overview
ComponentOne Studio Enterprise includes over 180 components including Grid, Reporting, Charting, Data, User Interface and eCommerce components among many.

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise WinForms Products

  • ComponentOne Ribbon for WinForms
  • ComponentOne Schedule for WinForms
  • ComponentOne ADO.NET DataExtender
  • ComponentOne SuperTooltip for WinForms
  • ComponentOne FlexGrid for WinForms
  • ComponentOne True DBGrid for WinForms
  • ComponentOne Reports for WinForms
  • ComponentOne Barcode for WinForms
  • ComponentOne Chart for WinForms
  • ComponentOne DataObjects for WinForms
  • ComponentOne Input for WinForms
  • ComponentOne List for WinForms
  • ComponentOne PDF for WinForms
  • ComponentOne XLS for WinForms
  • ComponentOne Zip for WinForms
  • ComponentOne Menus and Toolbars for WinForms
  • ComponentOne Spell for WinForms
  • ComponentOne Sizer for WinForms

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise ASP.NET AJAX Products

  • ComponentOne Accordion for ASP.NET AJAX
  • ComponentOne Calendar for ASP.NET AJAX
  • ComponentOne ComboBox for ASP.NET AJAX
  • ComponentOne Editor for ASP.NET AJAX
  • ComponentOne Excel for .NET
  • ComponentOne Expander for ASP.NET AJAX
  • ComponentOne Foxy for ASP.NET AJAX
  • ComponentOne Gauges for ASP.NET AJAX
  • ComponentOne GridView for ASP.NET AJAX
  • ComponentOne HeaderContent for ASP.NET AJAX
  • ComponentOne Input for ASP.NET AJAX
  • ComponentOne Menu for ASP.NET AJAX
  • ComponentOne MultiPage for ASP.NET AJAX
  • ComponentOne NavPanel for ASP.NET AJAX
  • ComponentOne PDF for .NET
  • ComponentOne ProgressBar for ASP.NET AJAX
  • ComponentOne ReportViewer for ASP.NET AJAX
  • ComponentOne Scheduler for ASP.NET AJAX
  • ComponentOne Slider for ASP.NET AJAX
  • ComponentOne Splitter for ASP.NET AJAX
  • ComponentOne SuperPanel for ASP.NET AJAX
  • ComponentOne TabControl for ASP.NET AJAX
  • ComponentOne TabStrip for ASP.NET AJAX
  • ComponentOne Toolbar for ASP.NET AJAX
  • ComponentOne ToolTip for ASP.NET AJAX
  • ComponentOne TreeView for ASP.NET AJAX
  • ComponentOne Upload for ASP.NET AJAX
  • ComponentOne WebChart for ASP.NET
  • ComponentOne Zip for .NET

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise WPF Products

  • ComponentOne Accordion for WPF
  • ComponentOne Book for WPF
  • ComponentOne Calendar for WPF
  • ComponentOne Chart for WPF
  • ComponentOne ColorPicker for WPF
  • ComponentOne ComboBox for WPF
  • ComponentOne Cube for WPF
  • ComponentOne DataGrid for WPF
  • ComponentOne DateTime Editors for WPF
  • ComponentOne DockControl for WPF
  • ComponentOne DropDown for WPF
  • ComponentOne Expander for WPF
  • ComponentOne FlexGrid for WPF
  • ComponentOne Gauges for WPF
  • ComponentOne HyperPanel for WPF
  • ComponentOne Maps for WPF
  • ComponentOne MaskedTextBox for WPF
  • ComponentOne MediaPlayer for WPF
  • ComponentOne NumericBox for WPF
  • ComponentOne PropertyGrid for WPF
  • ComponentOne RangeSlider for WPF
  • ComponentOne Reports for WPF
  • ComponentOne Scheduler for WPF
  • ComponentOne TabControl for WPF
  • ComponentOne Toolbar for WPF
  • ComponentOne Windows for WPF

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise ActiveX Products

  • ComponentOne True DBGrid Pro 8.0
  • ComponentOne VSFlexGrid Pro 8.0
  • ComponentOne VSVIEW 8.0 Classic Edition
  • ComponentOne VSVIEW 8.0 Reporting
  • ComponentOne Chart 8.0
  • ComponentOne WebChart 8.0
  • ComponentOne Query 8.0
  • ComponentOne True DataControl 8.0
  • ComponentOne True DBInput Pro 8.0
  • ComponentOne True DBList Pro 8.0
  • ComponentOne SizerOne 8.0
  • ComponentOne VSSPELL 8.0

ComponentOne Studio Studio for Silverlight Products

  • ComponentOne Chart for Silverlight
  • ComponentOne ComboBox for Silverlight
  • ComponentOne RichTextBox for Silverlight
  • ComponentOne Numeric Box for Silverlight
  • ComponentOne DataGrid for Silverlight
  • ComponentOne Masked TextBox for Silverlight
  • ComponentOne Menu for Silverlight
  • ComponentOne Password Box for Silverlight
  • ComponentOne TreeView for Silverlight
  • ComponentOne Color Picker for Silverlight
  • ComponentOne Windows UI for Silverlight
  • ComponentOne Gauges for Silverlight
  • ComponentOne Maps for Silverlight
  • ComponentOne Accordion for Silverlight
  • ComponentOne Book for Silverlight
  • ComponentOne Uploader for Silverlight
  • ComponentOne Image Rotator for Silverlight
  • ComponentOne FilePicker for Silverlight
  • ComponentOne Image Magnifier for Silverlight
  • ComponentOne Cube for Silverlight
  • ComponentOne HtmlHost for Silverlight
  • ComponentOne Drag Drop Manager for Silverlight
  • ComponentOne Range Slider for Silverlight
  • ComponentOne Data for Silverlight
  • ComponentOne Hyper Panel for Silverlight
  • ComponentOne Zip for Silverlight
  • ComponentOne Layout Panels for Silverlight
  • ComponentOne PropertyGrid for Silverlight
  • ComponentOne TimePicker for Silverlight
  • ComponentOne DateTimePicker for Silverlight

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise Features:

ComponentOne Unique Integrated Framework
ComponentOne offers a complete solution that targets all runtime environments (WinForms, WebForms, mobile devices) and all application layers (data, presentation, reporting, transformation). The cornerstone of ComponentOne Studio Enterprise is the data layer, which encapsulates business logic in reusable assemblies called data libraries.

ComponentOne Data Layer
The ComponentOne data layer provides a comprehensive data and business objects framework that serves .NET applications of any range, scalability, and architecture:

  • Desktop applications
  • Client-server applications
  • 3-tier distributed applications
  • Enterprise-wide business object libraries

Based on Microsoft ADO.NET technology, the data layer simplifies and enhances database application development in many significant ways:

  • It promotes code-free data access through drag-and-drop designers and bindable components representing datasets, tables, and views
  • It is platform-neutral. Data libraries can be consumed by both WinForms and WebForms applications, without modification
  • It supports huge databases through a unique virtual mode technology that fetches data in segments while providing performance tuning options and control over background operations
  • It isolates the physical database structure from the logical structure needed for business objects and user interface design
  • It supports composite tables representing joins between two or more physical tables. Composite tables are exposed to data consumers as a simple table, and the data layer automatically handles updating and deleting of the physical rows in the underlying tables
  • It centralizes business logic by providing a repository for data validation rules, calculated fields, constraints, remote methods, and other domain-specific tasks
  • It automates server-side caching for WebForms applications at the global and session levels, and also supports memory-resident table views for optimized access to read-only data
  • It provides a rich object model and programmable business logic components for customizing the behavior of fetch, edit, update, insert, and delete operations
  • It generates type-safe classes that map to the tables and views exposed in a data library assembly
  • It saves development time and effort by making it possible (and easy) to maintain a single data library and deploy it in any application configuration

ComponentOne Presentation Layer
The ComponentOne presentation layer consists of a suite of best-of-breed user interface controls that interoperate seamlessly with the data layer, combining data manipulation capabilities with unmatched flexibility in GUI design:

  • Grids with a variety of data viewing and editing options
  • 2D Charts (bar, line, area, pie, radar, polar, candle)
  • 3D Charts (surface, contour, scatter, bar)
  • Input editors (masked edit, date, numeric, database navigator)
  • Menus and toolbars
  • Form layout components

These controls are among the top-selling components in the industry, and have won numerous awards.

ComponentOne Reporting Layer
The ComponentOne Report Designer is a standalone application for creating XML-based report definition files at design time. At run time, reports are rendered in a customizable preview control (WinForms) or as HTML (WebForms). The ComponentOne reporting layer offers a number of advantages:

  • It imports existing report definitions from both Crystal Reports and Microsoft Access
  • It integrates natively with the ComponentOne data layer
  • It is platform-neutral. Report definitions can be consumed by both WinForms and WebForms applications
  • It makes deployment easier by allowing report definitions to be embedded within applications
  • It includes a object model (C1PrintDocument) that can be used to programmatically render free-form reports
  • Source code for the Report Designer is also available

ComponentOne Transformation Layer
The ComponentOne transformation layer extracts, converts, loads, and saves data from a variety of heterogeneous sources, including popular file formats such as XML, PDF, and ZIP. It is used internally by the presentation and reporting layers, and is surfaced in standalone components such as C1Zip and C1Pdf.

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise Benefits
ComponentOne Studio Enterprise is an indispensable set of tools for serious application development. It combines rich object models and unparalleled functionality with easy-to-use visual designers and components. Its data, presentation, and reporting layers are tightly integrated, yet flexible enough to be coupled with Microsoft data access components or third-party controls. What makes ComponentOne Studio Enterprise unique is that it is not just a set of presentation layer components or reporting tools, but a complete package that spans all application layers. Data access is the foundation of any real-world application, and the ComponentOne data layer has no peer. With ComponentOne Studio Enterprise, developers can add core functionality, improve performance, and build more extensible applications for any .NET platform.