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Infragistics has been a market leader in the User Experience and User Interface controls and components for over 25 years. With a comprehensive portfolio of multi-platform Enterprise software products and services, it has achieved a global reach in nearly every Forbes 2000 and Fortune 500 Company. 

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With Infragistics controls our developers spend less time fussing with the UI and more time focused on business logic.
Paul Ballard, Director of Software as a Service, British Telecom.


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Tel: +1 (609) 448 2000
Gebührenfrei: (800) 231 8588 (US only)
Fax: +1 (609) 448 2017


2 Commerce Drive
Cranbury, NJ 8512
Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm EST (UTC-5.00)


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Infragistics Windows Forms 2015 Vol. 2 released
New version adds toolbar notification badges.
Infragistics WPF 2015 Vol. 2 adds Busy Indicator Control
Includes eight built-in animations to indicate progress to end users.
Infragistics NUCLiOS adds new Swift 2.0 and Objective-C Language Support
Now includes support for Generics, Nullablilty annotation and KindOf.
Infragistics Ignite UI adds Validator Component
Allows flexible validation on an array of Ignite UI components, as well as standard input form elements.
Indigo Studio 2015 Vol. 2 released
Organize and Share your UX Prototypes.
Infragistics Ultimate 15.2 released
Packed with new features, new controls and new updates across all platforms.