Wisej.NET is a cross-platform web framework for building modern HTML5 applications using .NET and C#/VB.NET instead of HTML and JavaScript. It contains everything you'll need to create mission-critical web applications, including UI components, session handling, state management, and backend integration. Maintain pixel-perfect control of your application across different devices thanks to the Wisej.NET designer in Microsoft Visual Studio.

It is so simple to use. Junior developers are able to come on board quickly and be productive.

Mark S. Reed, Chief Technical Officer at Syxsense, USA

Core Features of Wisej.NET:

  • Pixel-perfect Web Design - True WYSIWYG development experience at design time even for complex screens with visual inheritance, allowing you to design and build fully responsive web applications directly in Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Full Control Set - Wisej.NET includes all the controls you’ll ever need - out of the box and fully themable. More than 100 controls and extensions are included to start developing right away.
  • 3rd Party Integration - Integrate any JavaScript...

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Wisej.NET veröffentlicht
Wisej.NET veröffentlicht
Full-Stack-Framework zur Entwicklung von Webanwendungen auf Unternehmensebene mit Standard-.NET.

Preise ab: $ 970.20

Wisej.NET is licensed per developer and per server. You will need a Wisej.NET Developer license for each member of the team. A Wisej.NET Server license is required for deployment purposes on each...

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