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CenterSpace Software was founded in December, 2002. Its mission is to develop enterprise class numerical component libraries for the .NET platform. The team has extensive experience developing high-performance, analytic software tools. The NMath Suite from CenterSpace Software provides building blocks for mathematical, financial, engineering, and scientific applications on the .NET platform. CenterSpace has satisfied customers in 48 countries around the world, primarily in financial, engineering, scientific, and academic markets.

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622 NW 32nd Street
Corvallis, OR 97330
United States


News Headlines

NMath V6.1 released
New version adds single-precision versions of general sparse matrix and vector types.
NMath improves Problem Solving
New version adds classes for solving nonlinear programming problems using the Stochastic Hill Climbing algorithm.
NMath improves Debugging
New version adds Matrix and Vector visualizers for debugging in Visual Studio 2012.
NMath adds Mono support
Features from Windows now compiled for Linux and Mac OS X.
NMath adds data visualization capabilities
Version 5.1 provides static methods for plotting NMath types using the Microsoft Chart Controls for .NET.