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Windows Server 2008

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  • Enterprise Enabler (EE) for WSS 카테고리 Stone Bond Technologies

    평균적인 리뷰 : 모든 리뷰 건수 5 리뷰(s).


    What an amazing product!!! We had to complete an integration project in 4 weeks. We did a little search to see if there was anything in the market to meet our demands since we would have many such small projects coming from time to time, that is when we found EE. We evaluated the trial version and found that it was a perfect fit for our needs and we were able to complete the project in just 1 week ...

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  • LEADTOOLS OCR Module 카테고리 LEAD Technologies

    평균적인 리뷰 : 모든 리뷰 건수 3 리뷰(s).


    One of the major features in our application is the ability to scan and recognize different types of images with different formats. We tried some OCR engines, but most of them are hard to implement with many limitations. We tried leadtools OCR features and it helped us to accomplish our goals. This is a great product with many features. I strongly recommend it for any programmer.

  • LEADTOOLS Imaging Pro SDK 카테고리 LEAD Technologies

    평균적인 리뷰 : 모든 리뷰 건수 3 리뷰(s).


    We bought the toolkit to support scanning features in our application. We faced some problems at the beginning because we were new to the toolkit. We had to learn a couple of things about what functions to call and how to put that in our main project, but after a couple of hours, we were able to do it with the help of documentation.

  • Nevron Vision for SharePoint 카테고리 Nevron

    평균적인 리뷰 : 모든 리뷰 건수 2 리뷰(s).


    GREAT CHARTING TOOL FOR SHAREPOINT The standard chart in SharePoint 2010 was unusable when I had to implement some specific charting requirements. While searching for alternative I found the Nevron Chart webpart. The technical team was very helpful and I was able to achieve exactly what I needed. All charts have been reworked to use this web part and I am very pleased with the results. They also h ...

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  • Nevron Vision for SSRS 카테고리 Nevron

    평균적인 리뷰 : 모든 리뷰 건수 1 리뷰.


    Excellent controls for SQL Reporting Services. The Nevron report items allow us to overcome the limitations we meet with the standard SSRS control. The technical support is outstanding. We are also using Nevron charts and gauges for SSRS in our SharePoint environment - SSRS in SharePoint integrated mode. Keep up the great work!

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  • Delphi XE7 Enterprise 카테고리 Embarcadero

    Delphi XE7 Enterprise 의 스크린샷

    Embarcadero® Delphi® is the fastest way to develop highly connected applications for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Gadgets, and Wearables. Modernize existing Windows applications and create highly connected apps with mobile, gadgets, and wearables. Deliver high performance, compiled native applications that easily connect with enterprise data, cloud services, devices, sensors, and gadgets.

  • InstallShield 2014 Professional 카테고리 Flexera Software

    InstallShield 2014 Professional 의 스크린샷

    모든 플랫폼의 완벽한 설치 인증 솔루션에는 트라이얼웨어 기능, 네트워크 리포지토리, 다중언어 지원 및 Update Service Starter 에디션이 포함됩니다. InstallShield로 강하고 신뢰할 만한 새로운 설치 인증 기능을 도입하여 급변하는 현재의 기술 시장에 대처할 수 있습니다. MSI 3.0 지원, XML 파일 설정값 자동 업데이트, 트라이얼웨어 기능(Premier Edition만의 기능) 등의 새 기능으로 설치 프로젝트에 더 강력하고 유연하게 만들 수 있습니다.

  • InstallShield 2014 Premier 카테고리 Flexera Software

    InstallShield 2014 Premier 의 스크린샷

    모든 플랫폼의 완벽한 설치 인증 솔루션에는 트라이얼웨어 기능, 네트워크 리포지토리, 다중언어 지원 및 Update Service Starter 에디션이 포함됩니다. InstallShield로 강하고 신뢰할 만한 새로운 설치 인증 기능을 도입하여 급변하는 현재의 기술 시장에 대처할 수 있습니다. XML 파일 설정값 자동 업데이트, 트라이얼웨어 기능 등의 새 기능으로 설치 프로젝트에 더 강력하고 유연하게 만들 수 있습니다.

  • Red Gate .NET Developer Bundle 카테고리 Red Gate Software

    .NET 어플리케이션을 분석하여 퍼포먼스 향상을 위한 툴입니다. Red Gate .NET Developer Bundle에는 ANTS Performance Profiler Pro/ANTS Memory Profiler/Exception Hunter가 포함되어 있습니다. 이러한 툴에 의하여 어플리케이션의 장해물을 식별하고, 코드의 최적화를 보증하기 위한 퍼포먼스 프로파일이 작성됩니다. 어플리케이션에서의 메모리 사용 상황을 이해하기 위하여 프로파일을 이용하는 것이 가능합니다. 또 Red Gate Exception Hunter 을 이용함으로써 .NET 어셈블리의 분석과 메소드가 슬로우(slow)되는 취급이 불가능한 예외의 검출도 가능해집니다. .NET Framework에서 지원되는 각종 언어를 대상으로 하고, 그 외에도 어플리케이션을 기술하는 개발자와 .NET 어플리케이션을 시험하는 테스터를 위하여 디자인된 제품입니다.

  • Altova XMLSpy 2015 Professional Edition - Concurrent Users 카테고리 Altova

    고급 XML 응용프로그램을 개발. Altova XMLSpy®은 높은 품질의 표준 준수 XML 기반 응용프로그램을 이전보다 더 빨리 개발할 수 있어 생산성을 높입니다. 시작에서 종료까지 XML 개발 생산성을 높이도록 설계되었으므로, XMLSpy®는 XML 인스턴스 문서 생성과 편집, 스키마 인식 XQuery 개발과 디버깅, 시각적 XML Schema 개발, XPath 1.0/2.0 개발, DTD 편집, 데이터베이스 상호작용, 그래픽 WSDL 개발, Web 서비스 개발, SOAP 개발과 디버깅, Java/C#/C++ 코드 생성, XSLT 1.0 개발과 디버깅, VS.NET와 Eclipse 통합, 스키마 인식 XSLT 2.0 개발과 디버깅을 지원합니다.

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IT 전문가를 위한 소프트웨어 쇼핑몰

개발처 공식 유통업체인 ComponentSource는 애플리케이션 개발 및 운영을 전문으로 하는 250여개의 소프트웨어 제품들을 편리하게 검색하고 구매 할 수 있는 서비스를 제공합니다.

퍼블리셔의 백투백

퍼블리셔로부터 직접 구매한 것과 같은 소프트웨어와 동일한 수준의 지원 서비스를 받으십시오.

구매 주문 환영

일반적인 결제 방법외에도, 회사 구매 주문도 환영합니다.

30일내 환불 보증

30일 이내에 구매한 제품에 100% 만족하지 못한 경우, 이유에 상관없이 수수료 없이 반품하실 수 있습니다.

24시간(월~금) 지원 서비스 운영

문의사항이 있는 경우, 이메일, 무료전화 또는 실시간 라이브 채팅을 통해 당사의 고객 지원 서비스 팀으로 연락주십시오.

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  • Image Upload Column 카테고리 ArtfulBits

    Image Upload Column 의 스크린샷

    A quick and simple way of uploading pictures in SharePoint. Image Upload Column provides you with the ability to select an image or picture using a file browsing dialog, upload and display it in a list view within SharePoint.  Image Upload Column provides a quick mechanism for manipulating image upload, edit and delete actions. It is also possible to setup filtering using predefined or custom extensions.

  • activePDF DocConverter 카테고리 activePDF

    activePDF DocConverter 의 스크린샷

    High Volume Document Conversion Server. DocConverter by ActivePDF is a PDF automation component that enables your windows applications to convert files to and from PDF. Deploy the PDF conversion processing via Watched Folders or through API integration. Enhance your forms processing with PDF automation functionality, including adding watermarks, logo images, and stamped text. Include security controls; metadata; email / ftp delivery; optimization for 'Fast Web Viewing'; PDF/A output and more. Deploy file conversion with simple drag-and-drop functionality or integrate with an incredibly easy-to-use API control. Fully featured example code written in C#, VB.NET, Visual Basic, Classic ASP, PHP, Cold Fusion, and Ruby are available for download. Comprehensive documentation is provided to help you expand the examples to meet your specific needs. DocConverter is a robust, dependable product that delivers high-fidelity PDF output and integrates perfectly with your processes to add PDF automation of your business forms!

  • LepideAuditor for SQL Server 카테고리 Lepide Software

    LepideAuditor for SQL Server 의 스크린샷

    Track and report all changes happening in your SQL Server environment. LepideAuditor for SQL Server (LASS) allows you to audit all SQL servers in your network from a centralized platform to get who, what, when and where information for each SQL Server change. LepideAuditor for SQL Server provides comprehensive reporting, instant alerts, centralizedarchiving and automated report generation.

  • Lepide Exchange Recovery Manager 카테고리 Lepide Software


    Exchange Server recovery management. Lepide Exchange Manager is a complete exchange recovery and backup restore solution with the facility to search, export and recover entire mailboxes or selected email items from corrupt information stores, live exchange servers, exchange backups and OST files. Recover data from corrupt offline EDB files and extract single or multiple mailboxes from it to Live Exchange, PST, EML, MSG, HTML, RTF, Text file or Office 365. Lepide Exchange Recovery Manager eliminates the need to maintain any recovery server for Exchange recovery, as it makes it possible to extract and restore required items from the available backup. This software also restores selected mailboxes without the requirement of a brick level backup; these selected mailboxes can also be verified using various mailbox reports.

  • SQL BI Manager 카테고리 Idera


    Monitor SQL Server Business Intelligence. Idera SQL BI Manager allows you to monitor the health and availability of your BI environment including SQL Server Analysis Services, SQL Server Reporting Services and SQL Server Integration Services. Ensure uptime and identify issues quickly.

  • Dr.Explain 카테고리 Indigo Byte Systems


    Parses live applications and automatically creates software documentation. Dr.Explain is a help authoring tool for creating CHM files, HTML help, online manuals, PDF and printable documentation. It easily captures screens from live applications and documents them automatically. The Dr.Explain help file maker and documentation writing tool is available in 9 languages, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish and Dutch.

  • RayPack 카테고리 Raynet GmbH


    Easy packaging designed by packagers for packagers. RayPack is a framework for the creation and management of software packages. It supports a broad variety of package formats, target operating systems and deployment systems. The RayPack components allow Enterprises to implement well-structured processes which control package creation, manipulation, import, export, validation, storage and deployment. RayPack utilizes integrated framework components along with external connectors, which enable interoperability with market leading workflow, software deployment and data storage systems.

  • Vizit 카테고리 Vizit


    Find, view, collaborate on, and protect SharePoint documents fast. Vizit eliminates clicking and waiting for SharePoint documents to download and applications to launch. It places thumbnail previews beside SharePoint library items enabling the user to quickly choose the right one. The Vizit viewer provides SharePoint 2013 and 2010 users a quick method for opening documents for review or to ensure they have selected the right one before taking the next action. Vizit Essential offers cutting edge search, collaboration, workflow and third party integrations. Vizit Essential greatly improves SharePoint usability by extending the platform’s preview and viewing capabilities with important formats including Office, PDF, Email, TIF, DWG and many others. Vizit Pro adds an extensive array of annotation and mark-up features and Vizit DRM offers advanced Digital Rights Management features to protect your important documents.

  • PACE 카테고리 ViewSet


    Requirements management and collaboration. PACE is an information management system, with integrated requirements management, document management and more. PACE allows you to capture, analyze, develop, trace and manage information throughout the product lifecycle. PACE was designed to work with, and have a familiar, intuitive and similar look and feel to the tools that are already in use in your organization on a daily basis -Web browsers, Microsoft Office, etc. This means the training for new users is minimal, and teams readily adopt PACE, as they exploit all the benefits of a formal requirements engineering solution without the overhead of learning another complex, custom interface.

  • Documentation Insight 카테고리 DevJet Software


    Browse and document your Delphi souce code. Documentation Insight integrates into the RAD Studio IDE to enable you to browse and document source code. It also helps you to produce professional API documentation files in a number of formats such as HTML, CHM, Microsoft Help 2 plus integration with RAD Studio documentation.

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