SQL Toolbelt Essentials 관련 정보

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SQL Toolbelt Essentials makes SQL Server development efficient and ensures manual database changes are safe. It includes SQL Compare Pro, SQL Data Compare Pro, SQL Source Control, SQL Prompt, SQL Data Generator, SQL Doc, SQL Test, SQL Multi Script, SQL Dependency Tracker and SQL Search. Redgate's SQL Compare Pro is an industry-standard SQL Server comparison tool used by 71% of the Fortune 100. With SQL Toolbelt Essentials you get everything you need to speed up coding, set up simple change management, and take your first steps in Database Lifecycle Management. For even more functionality SQL Toolbelt is available which adds SQL Change Automation, SQL Monitor and SQL Backup Pro.

SQL Toolbelt Essentials includes the following products:

  • SQL Compare Pro - Compare and synchronize database schemas.
  • SQL Data Compare Pro - Compare and synchronize database contents.
  • SQL Source Control - Connect your databases to your source control system.
  • SQL Prompt - Write, format, and refactor SQL effortlessly.
  • SQL Data Generator - Generate realistic test data fast, based on column and table names.
  • SQL Doc - Automatically generate database documentation.
  • SQL Test - Write and run unit tests in SQL Server Management Studio.
  • SQL MultiScript (Unlimited) - Deploy multiple scripts to multiple servers with just one click.
  • SQL Dependency Tracker - Dynamically explore and document all your database object dependencies.
  • SQL Search - Search your database quickly in SQL Server Management Studio.

How SQL Toolbelt Essentials helps you work with SQL Server

Manual database deployments

Compare and deploy database schemas and contents
Make change management simple – compare and deploy schemas and data with a few clicks, or generate SQL scripts to bring them in line, with SQL Compare Pro and SQL Data Compare Pro.

  • Save time syncing databases: set up comparisons in seconds, check the differences, and specify the changes you want to sync.
  • Eliminate mistakes in deployment: automatically create accurate scripts for deploying database updates by hand.
  • Prepare your database for automation: with your database in source control, you can set up CI and release management, allowing automated deployments, using SQL Source Control and the DLM Automation Suite.

Deploy from source control or backups
Roll out database changes from your backups or from source control, the single source of truth for database changes, using SQL Compare Pro and SQL Toolbelt Essentials.

  • Deploy from source control: update databases straight from your source control system using SQL Source Control, also included in the SQL Developer Suite.
  • Sync from backups and script files: use native backup files, SQL Backup Pro files, or SQL scripts as the source for your database changes.


Code SQL effortlessly
Write SQL fast with keyword completion, customizable snippets, and suggestions for completing INSERT, ALTER, and JOIN statements, from SQL Prompt.

  • Code-completion: get keyword and object suggestions as you type, along with appropriate conditions for completing INSERTs, ALTERs, and JOINs.
  • SQL snippets: code as fast as possible and add your own favorite fragments to the list.
  • Tab history: save, search, and recover your query tabs in SQL Server Management Studio.

Keep code readable
Make inherited code readable and help your team work to a single standard, with SQL Prompt's one-click, customizable code reformatting.

  • Code reformatting: reformat any query to your preferred layout at the click of a button.
  • Script summaries: get a summary of the actions any script performs, together with their order.
  • Customizable formatting: set the reformatting style that SQL Prompt uses to match the conventions you and your team prefer.

Hassle-free database documentation
Cut out repetitive work, keep your teams up to date, and pass audits with complete database documentation, generated automatically by SQL Doc.

  • Get instant documentation: generate full database documentation, including object definitions and details about dependencies, with a few clicks.
  • Use your favorite format: work with .html, .chm, or Microsoft Word files.

Source Control

Database source control in SQL Server Management Studio
Make teamwork simple, set up a single source of truth for database development, and take your first steps in Database Lifecycle Management with SQL Source Control.

  • Source control that fits your workflow: SQL Source Control works inside SQL Server Management Studio, so you can access source control without leaving your IDE.
  • Keep your database up-to-date with two clicks: get the latest updates from source control and share your own changes straight from the Object Explorer.
  • Works with your source control system: plug your database code into Team Foundation Server, Subversion, Git, Vault, Mercurial, Perforce, or any other source control system.

Track database changes and see who changed what, when, and why
SQL Source Control gives you a complete record of database changes, making it simple to track, manage, or revert them.

  • Simple, safe change management: check commit comments and view SQL changes at the line level before accepting an update.
  • Risk-free experimenting: try out changes on your local version – if you don't want to keep them, you can revert with a few clicks.


Catch bugs early with unit tests
Discover defects when they're cheap to fix and lay the foundations for continuous integration with SQL Test.

  • Write tests in familiar T-SQL: write your tests in SQL Server Management Studio and run them with a single click.
  • Share tests with colleagues: check your tests into source control alongside your code, for easy sharing with your team.

Rapidly generate fully-customizable test data
Create realistic, fully-customizable test data in a flash, with SQL Data Generator. Boost your database testing process and demo databases without sharing private data.

  • Future-proof your databases: test your databases with large quantities of realistic data and make certain they'll stand the rigors of a production environment.
  • Comply with privacy legislation: generate realistic demo data and show your customers how your applications perform without sharing sensitive information.


Run multiple scripts on multiple servers with just one click
SQL Multi Script lets you execute multiple scripts against multiple SQL Servers quickly and easily.

A range of features are included in SQL Multi Script to assist change management across your SQL Servers. Whether you want to deploy a script or fetch data from multiple databases on different servers in parallel, SQL Multi Script saves you time by significantly reducing the steps needed to complete your task.

You can configure personalized lists of databases, for test, production, or QA environments, to which you can quickly deploy specific scripts.

SQL Multi Script also enables easy querying of your databases with an intuitive interface that includes additional features for faster editing.



Eliminate invalid objects
Keep your databases tidy and reliable, with a full list of invalid objects, including details of the problem, from SQL Prompt.

  • Catch every invalid object: SQL Prompt checks your whole database, lists the reasons for the problem, and gives you the object’s name and type, so you can find and fix things fast.
  • Check your fix worked with just one click: to double-check your fix worked, just refresh the find invalid objects list.

Find and fix errors caused by database differences
Pinpoint differences between databases with a few clicks and bring them in line, with SQL Compare Pro.

  • Catch every database difference: SQL Compare Pro finds each difference in database structure and highlights those lines of SQL, so you can quickly isolate errors.
  • Bring databases in line fast: generate a SQL script to fix errors with a few clicks, or apply changes straight from the UI.

Restore damaged or missing data, right down to a single row
Take the stress out of database repairs by syncing your lookup data at the row level, using SQL Data Compare Pro.

  • Work at the row level: sync data at whatever level you need – table, column, or row.
  • Quickly generate fix scripts: create scripts to bring your data back in line or work from the UI.