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by Inartis SA - Product Type: Component / Add-In / Application / ASP.NET AJAX (ATLAS) / .NET WinForms / .NET Class / .NET WPF / Web Part / ActiveX OCX / DLL / VC++ Class Library / JavaScript / AJAX / Java Applet / End User Application

Build interactive 3D content. Kribi 3D, is a powerful development platform for enhancing the Web-based and Desktop applications with 3D interactive rendering technologies, for a wide range of application scenarios that users require in business and industry. All professional 3D interactive graphic applications, from the simple presentation of a product to the most complex industrial assembly scenes, require the highest visual quality and high performance. The Kribi 3D Engine is close to high-end 3D photorealistic rendering software, with an incredible rendering speed.

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Kribi 3D 2.0 Standard Edition

Add to Cart $ 489.02 1 Kribi 3D Designer User License with 1 Year Subscription for free major version upgrades, Includes 1 Kribi 3D Player Standard WEB Publishing License Delivered via Download
Mfr. Part No: 10-1020-10
Add to Cart $ 67.62 Additional Kribi 3D Player Standard WEB Publishing License Delivered via Download
Mfr. Part No: 10-1021-10
Add to Cart $ 195.02 Annual Kribi 3D 2.0 Standard Edition Subscription Renewal Delivered via Download
Mfr. Part No: 50-1020-11

Kribi 3D 2.0 Professional Edition

Add to Cart $ 1,175.02 1 Kribi 3D Designer User License with 1 Year Subscription for free major version upgrades, Includes 1 Kribi 3D Player Professional WEB Publishing License Delivered via Download
Mfr. Part No: 10-1020-20
Add to Cart $ 391.02 Additional Kribi 3D Player Professional WEB Publishing License Delivered via Download
Mfr. Part No: 10-1021-20
Add to Cart $ 67.62 Additional Kribi 3D Player Standard WEB Publishing License Delivered via Download
Mfr. Part No: 10-1021-10
Add to Cart $ 489.02 Annual Kribi 3D 2.0 Professional Edition Subscription Renewal Delivered via Download
Mfr. Part No: 50-1020-21

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What is Kribi 3D?
Kribi 3D is a development environment for easily creating and integrating 3D rendering technologies in highly interactive Web or Desktop applications.

Built upon the Kribi 3D Rendering Engine; designed for advanced interactive applications made up of a large number of elements, immediately appreciate fast rendering speeds while maintaining the highest image quality.

Kribi 3D Player is a free plug-in which embeds the Kribi 3D Rendering Engine that allows the execution of interactive 3D content. Perfectly integrated in the development of Web and Desktop applications, Kribi 3D provides a wide range of functions and parameters designed to facilitate and maximize the productivity of Web Designers and Programmers, without the use of special skills in 3D geometry.

Kribi 3D Designer is an easy to use tool that allows you to create 3D interactive content quickly and easily. Develop a wide range of applications that use the Kribi 3D Player. The designer incorporates an easy user interface which enables even non experienced users of 3D, to import items from major file formats, to add or modify any object, material or light to create complex assemblies, and set interactive behaviors with just a few clicks

Kribi 3D is available in 2 Editions - Standard and Professional

  • Kribi 3D 2.0 Standard Edition: is the ideal solution for building 3D product advertising, interactive catalogs and immersive walkthrough Web sites.
  • Kribi 3D 2.0 Professional Edition: is a full featured tool for developing fully interactive 3D Web and Desktop applications.

Both editions include a top level domain license, unlimited sub-domains and a 1 year subscription for free version upgrades.

Standard Edition API Feature Includes

  • Interactive Tools
  • Camera
  • Object
  • Materials (only basic settings, basic editing operations)
  • Colors (basic editing operations)
  • Pictures and Videos (basic editing operations)
  • View Snapshot (basic editing operations)
  • Animation
  • Experienceing Scripts (basic editing operations)
  • Model (except new and string operations)
  • Realistic Shading
  • Work Lighting (basic editing operations)
  • Realistic Lighting (basic editing operations)
  • Light Sources (basic property settings and editing operations)

Professional Edition API Feature Includes

  • Interactive Tools
  • Camera
  • Object
  • Materials
  • Colors
  • Pictures and Videos
  • View Snapshot
  • Animation
  • Experienceing Scripts
  • Model
  • Realistic Shading
  • Work Lighting
  • Realistic Lighting
  • Light Sources
  • Assembly (unique to Professional Edition)
  • Mesh Modeling (unique to Professional Edition)

What technology is Kribi 3D Engine based on?

  • The Kribi 3D Engine is a multi-tread 3D Engine entirely software, which use only standard features of the CPU industry. The engine is completely self-contained and does not depend on other libraries and 3D Graphic API.
  • The Engine is Designed for advanced interactive applications consisting of a large amount of elements at high image quality, is a 3D Renderer with hybrid technology, without choosing one technology or another, we took the best ideas from Rasterizers andRay Tracers.
  • All physical and logical processor cores on the target computer are used for the rendering. The tasks distribution to all computing resources is perfectly balance, thereforeKribi 3Dhas a highscalability to the increase in the CPUs number.
  • Furthermore The core engine is designed in native C++, without any specific dependence on other APIs, facilitating a portability to any system or hardware platform that can even be executed on embedded systems without a dedicated graphics card.

Why choose Kribi 3D over other systems?

High visual quality and performance
All professional 3D interactive graphic applications, from simple presentation of a product to the most complex industrial assembly scenes, require the highestvisual quality and high performance. The Kribi 3D Engine is closer to high-end 3D photorealisticrendering software, with an incredible rendering speed.

Simplified software development and maximum productivity
The high-level Kribi 3D API commands are designed to facilitate and maximize the productivity of Web Designers and Programmers in the development of new applicationsand the integration of the existing ones, without any specific knowledge of 3D geometry.

The Kribi 3D Player API provides a set of tools, commands and parameters to control each element in the 3D environment, from the simple rotation of a 3D object to the complete manipulation of objects, the drag and drop functions of objects and materials, lighting control, the materials and textures achievement, and many other functions.

Kribi 3D Player integrates seamlessly with the Javascript and Ajax code to complete the functions of your Web applications and the .Net platform for developing desktop applications.

Unique Code base
Software development is complex enough as it is to avoid having to deal with multiple programming models and handling the code of various generations of hardware, APIs, and drivers from the same manufacturer: a burdening wasteof time and money. Moreover, to complicate matters, there is a difference of a “factor 100" in performance between the high-end and low-end of the Hardware.

Kribi 3D is a unique code base that runs on a highly standard and mainstream platform, unlike the scattered pieces of various technologies developed by different manufacturers. This provides many advantages, such as the same visual results across all platforms, easy product development and compatibility with all system configurations, even not recent hardware.

Continuous innovation and evolution made easy
Kribi 3D is constantly evolving, official revisions are released at regular intervals with the introduction of technological innovations and new features, according to market demands.

A steady investment is made on research and development for speed optimization, moreover, when new CPU features and improvements are available, the code is immediately updated to exploit the new hardware. An example of this is the recent introduction of AVX technology that was fully supported within a couple of weeks after the release of the first CPU with AVX.

The implementation cycle of new features is shortened: The same day of the release of a newversion of Kribi3D you canimmediately use the new features without having to achieve specific code for each hardware or driver version, or waiting until the graphics librariesare updated with the new features.

Kribi 3Dworks immediately with maximum compatibility across all PC based installations.

A technology in touch with market trends
Kribi 3D follows from many years the future market trend: there are fewer differences between the architecture of the multicore CPUs and GPUs of each new generation. Every stage of the GPU graphics pipeline is becomingprogrammable; there is a convergence betweenCPU and GPU that will bring the future rendering engines to rely completely on software.

Avoiding Drivers and updates nightmare
Hardware Rendering is a complex combination of software running on the CPU (application code, APIs, device drivers), specific fixed hardware functions of graphics cards andsoftware running on the graphics card (vertex raster and pixel shaders).

The distribution of new versionsof Kribi 3Dand its technical support are made easy. The new release of Kribi 3D are immediately operating without any need to download a driverpatch, to upgrade the hardware or the operating systembecause a particular feature is not available on the used system, or is not supported by the hardware. Not to mention that the installationof new patches, drivers orsoftware versions could break the compatibilityand stability with other applications in use.

What are the advantages of entirely Software Rendering ?

CPUs are already fantastic graphics chip
Rendering software uses fast hardware; most current entry-level CPU, in our opinion, are already fantastic graphics chips that mesh perfectly with Kribi 3D technology. Forthcoming CPUs will be even more fantastic (Intel AVX 2, the FMA instruction set, Gather Instructions support and the support of larger vectors up to 16 or even 32 elements).

Same appearance of the rendering across all PCs
Higher fidelity renders from original files mean a 100% consistent appearance resulting in renderings which are exactly the same on all target PCs. There are no varying results depending on the hardware or graphics API implementation, saving precious time and money for the design and testing on multiple systems.

Unlimited textures and materials
There are no static limitations set by the hardware in texture size, in the number of different materials, textures or light sources in a scene.

All CPU cores used at every stage of the rendering
A perfectly balanced distribution of tasks to all CPU computing resources, contrary to processor-specific graphics hardware (such as texture units, raster operation units, and shader cores) which is often unused during certain stages of rendering. In the case of a complex city scene less than 5% of CPU time is used to calculate the textures, so if the same scene was calculated on the specific graphics Hardware using Texture Units they would remain almost unused; it would be more effective having more calucating units at your disposal.

What are the main features of the Kribi 3D Player?

Fast and realistic rendering of scenes of an ultra wide range of complexity
We want it best in class for models made of hundreds of polygons to multi billions of polygons and thousands of light sources. Best possible CPU Scalability with increased clock rate and number of processors in a system.

Advanced manager of Interactive objects and behaviors
The Integrated Object Manager Framework OMF to Kribi 3D Player manage the rules and behaviors of interaction between users, objects and each element, when you create complex interactive assemblies. For example, on Drag and Drop of an object in the scene, the release can be controlled and associated with a specific behavior based on preset rules.

Superior image quality
Excellent results are guaranteed in the most complex scenes thanks to an advanced 3D Antialiasing and smoothing algorithm. Very sharp and clear images, even small and distant objects are rendered with precision, while low-resolution textures are enhanced.

An immersive virtual reality experience
A complete set of navigation tools allow you to move around and within a model using the mouse like in a video game. You can define limited walking areas of movement, avoid obstacles and manage the camera movements, going up and down through floors.

Drag and Drop Support of Materials and Objects
Drag and Drop HTML elements directly into a 3D scene with simple clicks, and create easily interactive web catalogs. The event handler is able to identify the location of 3D objects dropped in the scene, and allows the execution of specific actions.

Large format images rendering at highest quality in seconds
Rendering of single images in few seconds, up to 400 megapixels, with calculation of the high quality Antialising also on entry-level PC. Saving on the clipboard or on your local PC disk in various formats.

Very Compact File Format and Asynchronous download
Asynchronous loading of the elements in the background, while the rendering is running, without blocking the Web browser.

Complex data structures of nearly unlimited dimensions
Support for very complex scenes of nearly unlimited complexity and size, even with a number of polygons over 100 million, with hundreds of light sources and materials. State of the art support for advanced description of the 3D models with hierarchical scene structure with objects and multilevel Instance.

Advanced support for lights and shadows
Full control over light sources colour, diffusion, attenuation and softening . Advanced shadow casting with real face projections including transparent faces.

A rich and intuitive programming interface (API)
High-level programming interface that facilitates the use of 3D interactive rendering in a wide range of application scenarios, with no particular knowledge in 3D geometry. Direct access to all element properties of the 3D environment. Kribi 3D Player integrates seamlessly with JavaScript codes and Ajax events both client and server side.

Stereoscopic support
The stereoscopic mode switches on and off easily: two slightly different versions of a particular image for each eye, seen through the special stereoscopic glasses, enhances the illusion of depth of the 3D scene.

Live Video content integration
Easy integration of video content in 3D scenes, mapping videos on the surfaces of objects, on the scene background, or use videos as a Reflection Map and Bump Map for the materials. Support for H.264 and MPEG video formats.

What are the main features of the Kribi 3D Designer ?

  • Intuitive visual interface: enable users with no 3D expertise to create 3D content quickly and easily: Add or edit any object, material, light, create powerful objet assembly behavior with just few mouse clicks.
  • Element Explorer: organize, edit and create assets with interactive previews and easily use them in projects: Just import source assets from the major file formats and your favorite 3D authoring tools like Max, Maya, Lighwave, etc. into the project and dropping them into the view. Built-in support for importing meshes, mapping coordinates, animation data, smoothing groups, materials, and bitmaps from industry-standard file formats. Load and edit huge 3D environments composed of many sub-levels. 
  • Flexible and Easy interactive building tools for creating and editing 3D contents: A full suite of interactive intuitive tools to quickly and accurately create and edit 3D environments for your applications. Move, rotate and resize Objects interactively with simple mouse clicks.
  • The Object Manager Framework allows for setting rules and objects behavior and how they react when some actions are performed: Manages the interaction between the user and the objects when complex interactive assemblies are created; for example, during the drag and drop of an object in the View or during the handling of an object, when moving it or snapping it with other objects.
  • The integrated materials and surfaces editors with real-time preview to quickly get the right look: A wide range of properties to create all types of materials to simulate matte surface, gloss, glass, plastic, metal. To enhance the realism of the objects by applying texture mapping to create reflective surfaces, wrinkled and effects such as wood, stone and fabrics. Material Explorer with support for drag and drop assignment.
  • Easily set the lighting of objects with mouse click to focus the spotlights: Work lightning easily allows for realizing the lighting of the scene for most commercial applications. Realistic lightning provides the basis for a powerful lighting system with various types of light and shadow calculation, spotlights with adjusting color, density of the shadows, brightness, light beam aperture and falloff, and other properties.
  • Deploy any Kribi 3D project to a Web page in seconds: A rich flexible and intuitive client-side API which allows easy and flexible use in a wide range of application scenarios. Direct access to all the scene and model properties and elements, you can attach javascript code to a number of client side events fired by the player.

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