About Eyeshot Fem

Add CAD capabilities to your .NET applications.

Eyeshot is a CAD control for the .NET Framework. It includes four different Visual Studio toolbox items: “Design” for 2D & 3D geometry creation, “Drawing” for automatic 2D orthogonal view generation, “Simulation” (Fem edition only) for geometry validation using linear static analysis and “Manufacture” for CNC toolpath generation and simulation. A number of translators for standard CAD exchange file formats are also part of the library. The installer includes 70 code samples for both WinForms and WPF and C# and VB.NET that cover most recurrent CAD/CAM/CAE topics.

FEM (Polygonal modeling, drafting and point cloud, plus NURBS and BRep modeling, IGES/STEP, CAM, 2D/3D meshing and Finite Element Analysis)


  • 2D triangles (linear and quadratic)
  • 3D tetrahedrons (linear and quadratic)
  • 3D meshing on NURBS surface and BRep objects with mesh control at vertex/edge/face level


  • Linear static. Applications include heavy machinery, industrial equipment,
  • Automotive and aircraft parts and bridge design.

Boundary conditions

  • Fixed displacement and rotation
  • Concentrated load and moment
  • Pressure load
  • Temperature


  • Isotropic
  • Beam materials for square, rectangular, circular, I, C and T sections


  • Curve-Curve Intersection
  • Surface-Surface Intersection
  • BRep booleans/cut/split/section
  • Curve and surface offset
  • Curve and surface edit
  • Fillet and chamfer

3D Graphics

  • Lighting
  • Shadows
  • Reflection
  • Environment
  • Zoom/Pan/Rotate & Navigation
  • Texture mapping
  • Scene graph
  • Animations
  • Display modes
  • Materials


  • Point
  • Line
  • Circle/Arc
  • Ellipse/EllipticalArc
  • LinearPath
  • CompositeCurve
  • Mesh
  • Solid
  • PointCloud
  • Region
  • Dimensions
  • NURBS Curve
  • NURBS Surface
  • BRep


  • Triangulation
  • Mesh reconstruction from point cloud
  • Marching squares/cubes
  • Collision detection
  • Area/mass properties
  • Mesh booleans/cut/split/section
  • Hidden Lines Removal
  • Constraint solver
  • Hidden Lines Removal with 3D model edges recover


  • Keyboard
  • Touch
  • Mouse
  • Space mouse


  • ASC
  • LAS
  • STL
  • OBJ
  • IFC
  • WebGL
  • GCode
  • IGES
  • STEP


  • Proprietary file format
  • WorkUnit and WorkManager
  • WinForms and WPF Visual Studio designer support
  • ViewCube, Legend, Toolbar, Timeline and Histogram UI elements


  • TextOnly
  • LeaderAndText
  • ImageOnly

Workspaces (the actual .NET Controls)

  • Design
  • Drawing
  • Manufacture
  • Simulation


  • Work plane setup
  • Support for flat, bull nose and ball end mills
  • Support for any kind of geometry (flipped, cracked and faulty included)
  • 2D toolpath generation
  • Material removal simulation
  • Radial stock to leave
  • Clearance, retract, top and bottom machining planes.
  • Climb, conventional and mixed cut directions.
  • Straight and circular leads
  • Plunge and helix ramps
  • 3D Clearing
  • 3D Pocket
  • 3D Contour
  • 3D Parallel
  • Toolpath generation limited to a boundary region
  • Axial stock to leave
  • Flat area detection
  • Stay down distance