Eyeshot Ultimate

Eyeshot is a CAD control for the .NET Framework. It includes four different Visual Studio toolbox items: “Design” for 2D & 3D geometry creation, “Drawing” for automatic 2D orthogonal view generation, “Simulation” (Fem edition only) for geometry validation using linear static analysis and “Manufacture” for CNC toolpath generation and simulation. A number of translators for standard CAD exchange file formats are also part of the library. The installer includes 70 code samples for both WinForms and WPF and C# and VB.NET that cover most recurrent CAD/CAM/CAE topics.

Ultimate (Polygonal modeling, drafting and point cloud, plus NURBS and BRep modeling, IGES/STEP and CAM)


  • Curve-Curve Intersection
  • Surface-Surface Intersection
  • BRep booleans/cut/split/section
  • Curve and surface offset
  • Curve and surface edit
  • Fillet and chamfer

3D Graphics

  • Lighting
  • Shadows
  • Reflection
  • Environment
  • Zoom/Pan/Rotate & Navigation
  • Texture mapping
  • Scene graph
  • Animations
  • Display modes
  • Materials


  • Point
  • Line
  • Circle/Arc
  • Ellipse/EllipticalArc
  • LinearPath
  • CompositeCurve
  • Mesh...

Latest News

Eyeshot Ultimate 2022.3
Eyeshot Ultimate 2022.3
Upgrades SketcherDemo code sample with history-based, parametric modeling.
Eyeshot Professional 2022.3
Eyeshot Professional 2022.3
Adds support for 'IfcAdvancedBrep' entities plus interactive sketch trimming.
Eyeshot Fem 2022.3
Eyeshot Fem 2022.3
Adds support for principal axes for Inertia computation.
Eyeshot Ultimate 2022.2
Eyeshot Ultimate 2022.2
Adds the ability to Fillet and Chamfer BRep edges.
Eyeshot Professional 2022.2
Eyeshot Professional 2022.2
Adds support for semi-transparent dynamic selection with halo.
Eyeshot Fem 2022.2
Eyeshot Fem 2022.2
Adds the ability to Fillet and Chamfer BRep edges plus support for semi-transparent dynamic selection with halo.

Prices from: $ 1,265.47

EyeShot Developer Subscription License: Each developer that uses the product must have their own license. You can install on up to three machines as long as the DOMAIN/USERNAME used for logging in...

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