Eyeshot Ultimate Releases

Released: Aug 14, 2019

Updates in 12 build 520


  • Improved Mesh section speed using Octree
  • Added parallel execution to MarchingCubes and MarchingSquares classes
  • Updated OpenDesign libraries to version 20.5
  • Added ReadDWF class
  • Improved collision detection speed
  • Added materials support to ReadAutodesk, WriteAutodesk and WritePDF classes
  • Complete re-design of PaperSpace sample
  • Improved object snap speed for BlockReference in DraftingDemo code sample
  • Added LayerListView, LinetypesListView, MaterialListView, BlockListView...

Released: May 31, 2019

Updates in 12 build 456


  • Added the DrawingPanel user control and refactored PaperSpace source code sample.
  • Added support for hyperbola and parabola curves in STEP import.
  • Added support for creating lines and circles tangent to two circles.

Released: Apr 5, 2019

Updates in 12


  • Added support for Visual Studio 2019.
  • Added AssemblyTreeView control among other custom controls.
  • Added CustomControls.Win and CustomControls.Wpf projects to support the new AssemblyTreeView control.
  • Complete refactoring of the AssemblyBrowser sample, now called AssemblyDemo.
  • Improved Turbo (FastZPR) speed of an order of magnitude. Added four different operating modes.
  • Improved Eyeshot control resize, it now uses Turbo representation (when available).

Released: Jan 28, 2019

Updates in 12


  • Environments - Added Model, Drawings and Simulation environments. Environments are variants of the Eyeshot control tailored for their specific scope.
  • Drawings - The Drawings environment embodies AutoCAD®’s Paper Space. This new control supports ISO and ANSI sheets formats, title blocks, vector and raster views, metric and imperial units, bidirectional exchange with AutoCAD® layouts and read/write from proprietary file format.
  • Table - The Table entity mimics the AutoCAD table entity and...

Released: Oct 8, 2018

Updates in 11.0.796


  • Improved ObjectManipulator rotation actions.
  • Added support for dimension tolerance negative values that allow plus-plus tolerances.
  • Improved linear and docked continuous progress bar animation.

Released: Jun 28, 2018

Updates in 11.0.713


  • Added Size return value to ViewportLayout.DrawText() method overloads.
  • Improved continuous progress bar animation.
  • Improved speed of Solid3D booleans involving tabulated surfaces.
  • Updated ticket creation tool to support latest changes to Zendesk API security requirements.
  • Added auto-save feature to ticket creation tool.
  • Improved triangulation of planar surfaces with inner contours tangent to the outer one.
  • Improved accuracy of BlockReference.EstimateBoundingBox() when hidden entities...

Released: Jun 4, 2018

Updates in 11.0.686


  • ViewportLayout.FastZPR experimental switch. Fast Zoom/Pan/Rotate on huge datasets without geometry simplification.
  • 2D collision detection.
  • UtilityEx.CheckDataIntegrity() method. Designed to check if you properly cloned objects between multiple ViewportLayout controls.
  • Continuous progress bar during proprietary file format asynchronous read and write operations.
  • Dedicated section in Eyeshot tools application for quick support ticket creation.
  • New source code samples CompareDWG and Rocket...

Released: Apr 3, 2018

Updates in 11.0.545


  • Added FastPointCloud.IsValid() method.
  • Added Clone() method to IFC entities.
  • Added CollisionDetection.ConsiderCoincidence property to handle collision coincidence.
  • Added EntityList.CombineByColor() experimental method for 3D graphics speed tests.
  • Added UtilityEx.GetRevisionCloud() method.
  • Improved computation of OBB.
  • Improved Octree.UpdateRayPlacement() for ViewportLayout.FindClosestTriangle().
  • ViewportLayout control.
  • Added ImportFileAddOn class to Open and Import dialogs in source code...

Released: Feb 1, 2018

Updates in 11


  • Proprietary (versioned and extensible) file format.
  • Collision detection.
  • IFC and 3DS file format import.
  • Asynchronous regeneration.
  • Clipped objects capping.
  • Octree and OBB to increase spatial search speed.
  • Dimension tolerance.
  • DWG 2018 support.
  • RobotArm, AnimatedPicture, PerformanceStudio, Wing and FileFormatExtension source code samples.

Released: May 1, 2017

Updates in 10.0991


  • STEP and IGES import speed improvements up to 10x.
  • BRep boolean operations speed improvements up to 30%.
  • Immediate mode rendering for WPF control.