Eyeshot Ultimate Releases

Released: Sep 1, 2021

Updates in 2021.3


  • Updated ODA libraries to version 22.7.
  • Added anisotropic surface meshing.
  • Added multi-domain meshing using Brep materials.
  • Added Brep.MergeAndKeepFaces() method to allow multi-domain meshing.
  • Added FemMesh.GetNodesBy() family of methods to simplify the selection of nodes on BRep faces/edges/vertices.
  • Added BRep adaptive meshing based on element size defined at edge level.
  • Added support for embedded images in DWG import.
  • Added multi-operation support to SimulationTimeline UI element...

Released: Jun 10, 2021

Updates in 2021.2


  • Parallel2D milling strategy.
  • APT tool support (for simulation only).
  • Stock by geometry.
  • Tool holder collision detection during simulation.
  • SimulationTimeline UI element.
  • 3x milling GCode import and simulation.
  • VolumeMesher class to convert BRep objects in TET4 or TET10 FemMesh.
  • Model.SmallSizeRatioStill and Moving properties to control small object culling during still and moving frames.
  • ICurve.GetTightBBox() method for exact bounding box computation on curves.
  • New Code Samples:
    • Slicer...

Released: Feb 9, 2021

Updates in 2021



  • Hatch entity.
  • BOM and Balloons.
  • Improved VectorView selection, you can now change curve properties without setting the View current.
  • ArcDimension import (as angular) from DWG/DXF.

Proprietary File Format

  • Multi-file read/write. Added the ability to read/write assemblies from/to disk as one file per block.
  • Lazy loading. Allows Table of Context only loading of a complex assembly, leaving to the user the ability to load a single assembly component at time.


  • Manufacture...

Released: Sep 3, 2020

Updates in 2020.3.428


  • Added BlockEx.Clone().
  • Added edge index of the associated parent Brep for curves resulting from HiddenLinesView.
  • Added fast geometry snapping on complex views.
  • Added fast zoom and pan on complex views.
  • Added LinearPath.ExtrudeAsMesh, Solid, Surface and BRep for sheet metal flanges.
  • Added overloads of Curve.Fillet() and Chamfer() methods accepting plane normal as input.
  • Added support for semicolon comments in ReadGCode class.
  • Added support for the 3D mouse in Drawings environment.
  • Added...

Released: Jun 2, 2020

Updates in 2020.2.264


  • Added angular and ordinate dimensioning to PaperSpace sample.
  • Added Brep.AddFlange() method for sheet metal modeling (article).
  • Added Brep.ExtrudeFace() and Brep.RevolveFace() methods for planar faces.
  • Added CollisionDetection.Log property avoiding to raise exceptions for unsupported entities.
  • Added CollisionDetection.PrepareDataForCollision() method to precompute the needed data during collision check.
  • Added export of the display mode to Viewport in WriteAutodesk class.
  • Added full...

Released: Feb 19, 2020

Updates in 2020.1.167


  • Added BlockKeyedCollection.TakeOffline()/BringOnline() methods.
  • Added option to install silently.


  • Fixed small object culling and frustum culling with 3D mouse and multi-touch.
  • Fixed invisible entities showing up when clicking compulsively with the left mouse button.
  • Fixed PaperSpace code sample dimensioning buttons not always resetting properly.
  • Fixed empty username issue during product activation.

Released: Feb 3, 2020

Updates in 2020


  • Radial/Diametric dimensions in Drawing environment.
  • Improved texture mapping for Brep entity.
  • BRep booleans and tangent faces.
  • FemMesh slices.
  • ReadGCode class and a new entity called Toolpath.
  • Billboard drawing for Text entities defined inside a Block.
  • Length/Perimeter/Area/Mass for Object/Face/Edge/Curve with proper linear and mass units.
  • ReadJT class to read tessellation from Siemens JT files (up to version 9.5).
  • Native multitouch implementation in WPF control.
  • RootBlock paradigm...

Released: Aug 14, 2019

Updates in 12 build 520


  • Improved Mesh section speed using Octree
  • Added parallel execution to MarchingCubes and MarchingSquares classes
  • Updated OpenDesign libraries to version 20.5
  • Added ReadDWF class
  • Improved collision detection speed
  • Added materials support to ReadAutodesk, WriteAutodesk and WritePDF classes
  • Complete re-design of PaperSpace sample
  • Improved object snap speed for BlockReference in DraftingDemo code sample
  • Added LayerListView, LinetypesListView, MaterialListView, BlockListView...

Released: May 31, 2019

Updates in 12 build 456


  • Added the DrawingPanel user control and refactored PaperSpace source code sample.
  • Added support for hyperbola and parabola curves in STEP import.
  • Added support for creating lines and circles tangent to two circles.

Released: Apr 5, 2019

Updates in 12


  • Added support for Visual Studio 2019.
  • Added AssemblyTreeView control among other custom controls.
  • Added CustomControls.Win and CustomControls.Wpf projects to support the new AssemblyTreeView control.
  • Complete refactoring of the AssemblyBrowser sample, now called AssemblyDemo.
  • Improved Turbo (FastZPR) speed of an order of magnitude. Added four different operating modes.
  • Improved Eyeshot control resize, it now uses Turbo representation (when available).