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ActiveX .NET Ready (ActiveX Components callable from .NET) / Microsoft Office (Tools & Add-ins, Controls & Components)

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Top Reviews

  • Codejock Suite Pro by Codejock Software

    Average Review: based on 4 reviews.

    Probably the best add on I have ever bought. The calendar and report controls are exquisite. This suite has to be the nearest thing to perfect I have ever used. Can't speak highly enough of this suite. I always wish that some one would post reviews worded in this way to get my attention......... so heads up. Don't overlook this suite.

  • Solutions Schedule for COM by DBI Technologies

    Average Review: based on 3 reviews.

    We've been using AVR for years and DBI's Solutions Schedule component software has saved us time, money and allowed my development team to implement functionality that would just not otherwise have been possible. DBI's component products perform beyond expectation and come with outstanding technical documentation. Jim S. RRSC

  • Aircraft ActiveX Library by Global Majic Software

    Average Review: based on 2 reviews.

    Simply Spectacular

  • FileUp Professional by SoftArtisans

    Average Review: based on 1 review.

    I have been doing a lot of development in ColdFusion, but have run into hurdles using the inherent tags for file uploading (CF always uploads as binary even if file is a text file) and the SA-XFile component allowed me to patch many of my web applications to allow them to be more interoperable with the existing file-upload systems on my client's extranets with zero hassle. Now I can do H ...

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  • PowerTCP Winsock for ActiveX by Dart Communications

    Average Review: based on 1 review.

    The PowerTCP WinSock Tool is the EASIEST to implement and use component that I have seen on the market. I can not believe it's flexibility that has made the integration into my applications extremely smooth. I have previously used direct calls to the WinSock library and other tools (such as SocketWrench) and I can definitely say that DART's PowerTCP WinSock tool is the best.

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Best Sellers

  • Codejock Suite Pro by Codejock Software

    Screenshot of Codejock Suite Pro

    Give your application a professional, modern appearance with toolbars, menus, docking, property grid, reporting and calendar functionality. Codejock Suite Pro provides Windows developers with a robust set of components combining 11 of Codejock's most popular components: Command Bars, Controls, Chart Pro, Calendar, Docking Pane, Property Grid, Report Control, Shortcut Bar, Syntax Edit, Skin Framework and Task Panel. With Suite Pro you can create applications that incorporate a full set of highly customizable user interface components including Visual Studio style docking panes and Office style Ribbons, Toolbars and Menus to give your application a modern appearance. Several popular visual styles are included such as Microsoft Office XP to Office 2013, Windows XP to Windows 8. Includes support for Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2012/2013.

  • IP*Works! SSL ActiveX COM Edition by /n software

    Screenshot of IP*Works! SSL ActiveX COM Edition

    ActiveX Controls optimized for Internet security. /n software IP*Works! SSL Internet Toolkit provides secure web browsing, secure client, secure server, secure mail, digital certificate management, and more. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is the industry standard for providing secure communications over the Internet. /n software IP*Works! SSL brings this security to your application.

  • IP*Works! ActiveX COM Edition by /n software

    Screenshot of IP*Works! ActiveX COM Edition

    Internet-enable your applications using ActiveX controls optimized for the Internet. /n software IP*Works! is a collection of components optimized for Internet communication. Functionality includes email, network management, FTP , telnet, and HTTP, and more. IP*Works! includes new higher level components such as Web Upload, WebForm, FileMailer, TraceRoute, and more. Includes sample ASP pages demonstrating how to access web services such as Yahoo Stock Quotes and UPS Address Verification.

  • TeeChart Pro ActiveX by Steema Software

    Create high performance dashboards and charting solutions. TeeChart Pro ActiveX is a charting control for ActiveX aware programming environments such as Microsoft Office, Visual Studio's VB, VC++ and ASP, including Visual Studio.NET (VB.NET, C#). TeeChart ActiveX charting architecture and feature set has been built through years of interactive development with customers to create a charting component that offers an effective intuitive and timesaving programming interface. Steema TeeChart ActiveX Pro v2010 includes advanced features like create a Windows AVI standard video file from a Chart, playing videos (AVI,MPEG,DivX,etc) inside a Chart background, automatic map drawing, IsoSurface Series to draw a 3D surface mesh from a grid of XYZ points and many more. TeeChart ActiveX offers 25 Editor languages and is Unicode compliant for multi-characterset support, including double-byte languages, for true global application development. TeeChart ActiveX renders in most popular Graphics formats including JPEG, PNG and WMF/EMF and also generates Flex compiled code for on-the-fly Flash image generation, live with inline animations. TeeChart ActiveX also includes Gauges and Maps that can be used to create multi-task dashboards.

  • PowerTCP Mail for ActiveX by Dart Communications

    Provide email capability in your application. PowerTCP Mail for ActiveX allows you to create, send, retrieve, preview, and edit mail messages, verify E-mail addresses, and manage your mailboxes remotely using simple properties and methods. Includes SMTP, POP3, and IMAP controls, plus the Message object that is capable of reproducing a complete message structure in an object-oriented model. To help you get up to speed, 35 samples written for 8 different environments, including ASP, .NET, VB, Visual C++, PowerBuilder, Foxpro, Delphi, and Office 97/2000 are included.

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New Releases

  • Solutions Schedule for COM by DBI Technologies

    Screenshot of Solutions Schedule for COM

    Manage resource scheduling and planning. Solutions Schedule for COM is a leading asset management and multi-resource scheduling component software for COM based IDE's. Solutions Schedule for COM includes built-in Gantt style drag-n-drop scheduling, Guide Line accuracy, TimeBar linking, conflict management, presentation styles like silverlight and more. Solutions Schedule for COM includes royalty-free distribution, sample applications in Visual Basic and Visual FoxPro, compiled executables with direct double click access to the property inspector at run-time. Solutions Schedule for COM includes one year of technical support.

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