About PowerTCP ActiveX Suite Subscription

PowerTCP Subscription plans allow you to tailor your package to fit your needs.

Designed for a single protocol or a bundle of requirements, each package comes with free updates, upgrades and email support for one full year. PowerTCP ActiveX Subscription includes: PowerTCP Emulation, FTP, Mail, Server, SSL, Telnet, Web Enterprise, Server, Web, Ping Enterprise, Winsock and Zip Compression.

PowerTCP ActiveX Subscription includes:

  • PowerTCP Emulation for AcitveX
  • PowerTCP FTP for AcitveX
  • PowerTCP Mail for AcitveX
  • PowerTCP Ping Enterprise for AcitveX
  • PowerTCP Server for AcitveX
  • PowerTCP SSL for AcitveX
  • PowerTCP Telnet for AcitveX
  • PowerTCP Web for AcitveX
  • PowerTCP Web Enterprise for AcitveX
  • PowerTCP WebServer for AcitveX
  • PowerTCP Winsock for AcitveX
  • PowerTCP Zip Compression for AcitveX

PowerTCP Emulation for AcitveX

  • 100% .NET compatible using .NET COM interop, samples included
  • VT ActiveX control emulates VT-52, VT-100, VT-220 and VT-320 terminals, interpreting text and escape sequences to display a screen that can be used interactively (like a regular terminal) or invisibly (to capture reports that can subsequently be by your application)
  • Telnet ActiveX control can be used to provide a real-time data source, and supports rlogin, rsh and rexec
  • Display options are set using simple properties
  • Printing of the display is fully supported, as is the printing of postscript files and auto-print (prints each line as it is received)

PowerTCP FTP for AcitveX

  • Get method downloads ANY file with only one line of code
  • Mget method downloads multiple files with only one line of code (even directory trees)
  • Put method uploads ANY file with only one line of code
  • Mput method uploads multiple files with only one line of code (even directory trees)
  • Login Method combines connection set-up and authentication into one easy step

PowerTCP Mail for AcitveX

  • Comprehensive support for multi-byte characters added with version 2.0.39
  • Detailed knowledge of SMTP, POP3, IMAP4 and MIME is not required
  • Enhanced SMTP commands such as 8BITMIME, PIPELINING, SIZE and Delivery Status Notifications are automatically used if advertised by the server

PowerTCP Server for AcitveX

  • Simple construction of service applications.
  • No "housekeeping" management required.
  • "files" & "listings" transfer automatically with FtpServer Control
  • Server Control eliminates your management of connections, greatly reducing the code you have to write and debug

PowerTCP SSL for AcitveX

  • Write HTTP/S applications that provide client-side authentication WITHOUT displaying an annoying dialog asking the user to select his security certificate
  • NEW Certificate Object exposes the details of digital certificates sent and received
  • NEW CertificateStore Object exposes collections of installed Certificate Objects, making it easy to manage digital certificates
  • Included Certificate Manager application can be used for local certificate management
  • Full support for client-side AND server-side authentication

PowerTCP Telnet for AcitveX

  • Blocking use is perfect for hidden scripting applications
  • Non-blocking use is supported for interactive, high performance applications
  • Eliminates need for users to learn unix shell commands

PowerTCP Web Enterprise for AcitveX

  • 100% .NET compatible using .NET COM interop, samples included
  • The WebASP ActiveX control is optimized for server-side ASP pages, whereas the WININET-dependent controls are not designed for server-side use
  • Put and Get methods will spool files directly to/from disk or memory

PowerTCP Server for AcitveX

  • The power of IIS on a single web server control
  • Re-use your existing client/server code
  • A single application can be developed for both global and local use

PowerTCP Winsock for AcitveX

  • Advanced Debugging
  • Automatic error reporting through the COM interface
  • Easy to use in blocking or non-blocking environments
  • Advanced in-bound and out-bound buffering
  • TCP Search Method supports variable length records and line processing, eliminating the need to search for termination characters and simplifying buffer management

PowerTCP Zip Compression for AcitveX

  • Up to 250% faster compression
  • Steadfast reliability
  • Designed for both simple and complicated demands
  • Easy-to-use QuickZip/QuickUnzip short-cut functions
  • A flexible memory buffer for easy memory compression manipulation
  • Standard password encryption functionality

ActiveX Subscription Includes:

  • All PowerTCP ActiveX components
  • 1 Full year of email support
  • Free updates and upgrades
  • Free newly released ActiveX components
  • Does NOT include PowerTCP C++ Professional Toolkit or PowerVT Terminal Emulator