PowerTCP Emulation for .NET

PowerTCP Emulation for .NET allows you to communicate with legacy applications or any server that supports VT-52, VT-100, VT-220 and VT-320 terminals from .NET. The Vt control is a powerful terminal emulator that enables you to build your own custom terminal emulation applications from within .NET. Built-in Telnet capability enables the Vt control to start a session with as little as one line of code. Also includes a custom font for support of VT graphics characters, a FontDialog control that displays all fixed width raster and True-Type fonts, ability to interrogate every cell for comprehensive style information, and powerful printing capability.


  • Includes all the capability available in PowerTCP Telnet for .NET
  • VT control emulates VT-52, VT-100, VT-220 and VT-320 terminals
  • Interprets text and escape sequences to display a screen that can be used interactively (like a regular terminal) or invisibly (to capture reports that can subsequently be screen-scraped by your application)
  • Screen scraping returns all the text in the scroll-back buffer as well as the display
  • Telnet control can be used to provide a real-time data source, and...

Latest News

PowerTCP Emulation for .NET updated
PowerTCP Emulation for .NET updated
Adds support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2022.
PowerTCP Emulation for .NET V4.7.2.0
PowerTCP Emulation for .NET V4.7.2.0
Maintenance release includes a bug fix.
PowerTCP Emulation for .NET V4.7.1.0
PowerTCP Emulation for .NET V4.7.1.0
Adds support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2017.
PowerTCP Emulation for .NET V4.7
PowerTCP Emulation for .NET V4.7
Improves rendering and performance.
PowerTCP Emulation for .NET improves Rendering
PowerTCP Emulation for .NET improves Rendering
New version significantly improves rendering speed resulting in a more responsive UI experience.
PowerTCP Emulation for .NET updated
PowerTCP Emulation for .NET updated

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Single Developer License. You may install the software on up to two computers for your personal use only. If the licensee is an organization, it may designate one individual within the organization...

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ChristopherUSA4 star
I must commend Dart on the tools that they've developed. Using the Trace event to get a raw dump of the entire telnet conversation and then capturing and manipulating the data stream before it gets to... Read more

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