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Codejock Suite Pro provides Windows developers with a robust set of components combining 11 of Codejock's most popular components: Command Bars, Controls, Chart Pro, Calendar, Docking Pane, Property Grid, Report Control, Shortcut Bar, Syntax Edit, Skin Framework and Task Panel. With Suite Pro you can create applications that incorporate a full set of highly customizable user interface components including Visual Studio style docking panes and Office style Ribbons, Toolbars and Menus to give your application a modern appearance. Several popular visual styles are included such as Microsoft Office XP to Office 2013, Windows XP to Windows 8. Includes support for Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2012/2013.

Chart Pro
Chart Pro is an advanced chart library for Windows software development. Codejock Chart Pro ActiveX includes the following chart types: area, bar, bubble, candle stick, line, fast line, funnel, pyramid, gantt, high low, pie, point, range bar, spline area, stacked area, stacked bar, stacked spline, 100% stacked bar, 100% stacked area, side-by-side stacked bar, scatter line, step line, stacked spline area, doughnut, 3D pie, 3D doughnut, 3D torus, 3D pyramid and rotated bars. Codejock...

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Codejock Toolkit Pro and Suite Pro v17.1 released
Codejock Toolkit Pro and Suite Pro v17.1 released
Adds high DPI support to the SkinFramework control.
Codejock Toolkit Pro and Suite Pro v17 released
Codejock Toolkit Pro and Suite Pro v17 released
New version adds a complete collection of Visual Studio 2015 and Office 2013 themes.
Codejock Products updated
Codejock Products updated
Codejock Suite Pro 2013 released
Codejock Suite Pro 2013 released
New version adds Office 2013 Style Ribbon and Menus, Office Style Calendar and Windows 8 Skinning.
Codejock Xtreme products updated
Codejock Xtreme products updated
Codejock adds Ribbon Customization
Codejock adds Ribbon Customization
Let users customize Ribbon sections using an easy-to-use dialog.

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Developer License: One software license is required per developer and includes 30 days maintenance and support. Run-time royalty free. Site Wide License: Allows Unlimited Developers at a single...

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Andrew BrentUnited Kingdom5
Probably the best add on I have ever bought. The calendar and report controls are exquisite. This suite has to be the nearest thing to perfect I have ever used. Can't speak highly enough of this suite... Read more

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