Replicación de experiencias de acoplamiento de escritorio en aplicaciones web

Octubre 30, 2023
Kendo UI R3 2023 presenta DockManager, un componente de interfaz de usuario para jQuery que proporciona diseños de aplicaciones web flexibles y personalizables.

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Kendo UI by Telerik is a suite of JavaScript UI components and widgets that can be used to build modern, responsive, and accessible web applications. Available for jQuery, Angular, React, and Vue, Kendo UI includes over 110 components, including data grids, charts, schedulers, tree views, menus, and more.

The Kendo UI R3 2023 release introduces a new jQuery DockManager component designed to help developers easily transition from desktop to web environments. It replicates the familiar desktop user experience, enabling users to create and manage movable, dockable, and pinnable elements with automatic layout adjustments. With support for various pane and dock types, DockManager can emulate desktop environments like Microsoft Visual Studio. It gives users full control over their layouts, allowing them to customize their interface through pinning, resizing, moving, maximizing, and hiding panes. DockManager also provides flexible configuration options for different pane types and docking scenarios, both inside and outside boundaries.

To see a full list of what's new in R3 2023, see our release notes.

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