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Text Control

Text Control GmbH is a leading manufacturer of word processing and spell checking components for Microsoft development technologies (ASP.NET, Windows Forms, WPF and ActiveX) based in the United States, Europe and Asia. Their products help thousands of developers add comprehensive word processing functionality to their applications. Using the developer tools, documents can be created, edited, converted and printed. TX Text Control was introduced in 1991 and Text Control GmbH is 100% self-owned and independent of all investor decisions

No other tested solution for a word processing solution reached a comparable level of stability and formatting options.
Hans-Jürgen Hohmeier, Audit Manager , DATEV e.G.

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Admiralstrasse 54
28215 Bremen
Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm EST (UTC-5.00)


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Titulares de noticias

TX Text Control .NET Server X13 released
Includes a new MVC editor, support for drawings & shapes plus an improved reporting framework.
TX Text Control ActiveX X13 adds New Dialog Boxes
Easily insert symbol characters, hyperlinks and bookmarks in your documents.
TX Text Control .NET X13 released
Insert and edit Microsoft Word compatible drawings and shapes.
TX Text Control X12 SP2 released
New version adds full support for Visual Studio 2015.
TX Text Control adds Direct Printing Support
Provide direct printing support without any browser plugins.
TX Text Control .NET adds Block Navigation
New Panel allows easy navigation through all fields and merge blocks.