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TX Text Control ActiveX Professional

TX Text Control ActiveX includes the ability to export all documents can be exported to print-ready Adobe PDF documents without any third-party software. The fully programmable component supports nested tables, document sections, images, text frames, drag and drop, headers and footers, bulleted and numbered lists and MS Word compatible mail merge fields for database applications. Typical applications include mail merge, PDF creation, document conversion or WYSIWYG word processing.

TX Text Control ActiveX is a royalty-free programming component that offers an extensive palette of word processing features.

It gives your application the ability to read, edit and create documents in most popular formats such as RTF, Microsoft Word (including Microsoft Word XP), HTML, CSS and XML. In addition, TX Text Control ActiveX can convert these file formats to PDF.

TX Text Control ActiveX supports all major word processing features like tables, headers & footers, hyperlinks, bullets...

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TX Text Control ActiveX X13 SP1
TX Text Control ActiveX X13 SP1
Service Pack 1 includes several improvements and bug fixes.
TX Text Control ActiveX X13 adds New Dialog Boxes
TX Text Control ActiveX X13 adds New Dialog Boxes
Easily insert symbol characters, hyperlinks and bookmarks in your documents.
TX Text Control X12 SP2 released
TX Text Control X12 SP2 released
New version adds full support for Visual Studio 2015.
TX Text Control adds Direct Printing Support
TX Text Control adds Direct Printing Support
Provide direct printing support without any browser plugins.
TX Text Control ActiveX adds WIC Support
TX Text Control ActiveX adds WIC Support
Tagged Image Format (.TIF) and Graphics Interchange Format (.GIF) images can now be used for exporting.
TX Text Control .NET improves Find and Replace
TX Text Control .NET improves Find and Replace
Search process is no longer limited to the main text, it can be continued in text frames and in headers and footers.

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One software license is required per developer. Run-time royalty free. 1 Year Subscription: Includes all software enhancements (updates and service packs), Direct access to technical support engineers...

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Text Control
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ronFL, USA5
This is a great component! I use it for displaying report information as well as programmatically filling in forms for printing and it works perfectly. The documentation is lacking but they do have a... Leer más

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TX is usable for an easy word processor with basic functions, but if you want to use features like HTML, PDF or working with MS Word documents, forget it. Exporting to PDF still creates poor quality... Leer más