Automatice el proceso de empaquetado de aplicaciones

Noviembre 3, 2023
AdminStudio 2023 R2 le permite crear flujos de trabajo de automatización, lo que le proporciona un ahorro de tiempo y esfuerzo al automatizar tareas repetitivas.

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AdminStudio is a complete application readiness solution that helps you identify and mitigate issues before deploying. You can use AdminStudio tools to repackage applications and convert packages to virtual formats, then thoroughly test them to ensure that they are ready for deployment across your Enterprise.

Version 2023 R2 includes a new feature called Package Automation Workflows which allows you to configure a series of steps that will be carried out automatically when a new version of an application becomes available. This can be useful for automating tasks such as importing the package, testing, wrapping, converting, and publishing it. Multiple Package Automation Workflows can be configured, with a default set for all new package requests. This makes it easier than ever to automate your application packaging process and ensure that new versions are processed quickly and efficiently.

To see a full list of what's new in version 2023 R2, see our release notes.

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