Importe y exporte archivos CSV usando WinForms C# y VB.NET

Noviembre 17, 2023
Use Spread.NET para trabajar con archivos CSV directamente en sus aplicaciones .NET WinForms.

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Spread.NET helps you create spreadsheets, grids, dashboards, and forms. It includes a powerful calculation engine with 450+ functions and the ability to import and export Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Developers can leverage the extensive .NET spreadsheet API and powerful calculation engine to create analysis, budgeting, dashboard, data collection and management, scientific, and financial applications.

In this blog, MESCIUS Product Manager Kevin Ashley takes you through all the steps required to import and export data in CSV files using Spread.NET, including:

  • Creating / configuring the Project
  • Creating the File Menu
  • Creating / configuring SplitContainer
  • Adding Event Handler code
  • ...and much more!

He also demonstrates how to use the Spread Designer tool to give users the ability to edit Excel spreadsheet instances inside your running application.

Read the full blog and start integrating CSV data import/export into your Windows applications.