Cree aplicaciones .NET MAUI en Mac

Diciembre 11, 2023
Aprenda a desarrollar aplicaciones MAUI en macOS con la potencia de las plantillas de DevExpress .NET MAUI.

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DevExpress .NET MAUI is a suite of high-quality, ready-to-use UI controls designed for building cross-platform mobile applications. It provides a comprehensive collection of UI elements, including data grid, data editors, charts, and many more, to help you create professional-looking and user-friendly mobile apps. The .NET MAUI components are written in Objective-C (iOS) and Java/Kotlin (Android) and integrate seamlessly with the .NET MAUI platform through the use of MAUI 'Handlers'.

In this blog post, DevExpress  Paul Usher takes you through the process of how to build application for .NET MAUI on macOS, in light of the retirement of Visual Studio for Mac. Steps include:

  • Installing VS Code
  • Installing the .NET SDK
  • Installing the .NET MAUI workload via Terminal
  • Installing Xcode or the Android SDK (for iOS/Android applications)

Read the complete blog to get started building .NET MAUI applications on your Mac.

Get more information about the DevExpress .NET MAUI UI Component Library.

Technical support for DevExpress .NET MAUI is available as part of DevExpress Universal.