Modernice sus aplicaciones ASP.NET Core con un tema de Fluent.

Enero 9, 2024
DevExpress ASP.NET Core 23.2 agrega un nuevo tema web inspirado en Microsoft Fluent que incluye dos esquemas de color.

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DevExpress ASP.NET Core is a powerful suite of UI components and reporting tools designed to enhance the development of modern, data-driven web applications built with ASP.NET Core. It leverages the flexibility of client-side JavaScript libraries like DevExtreme with the ease of server-side ASP.NET Core Razor syntax and Web APIs. This hybrid approach allows developers to build rich, responsive UIs with features like data grids, editors, schedulers, and charts, while maintaining the productivity and control of server-side development.

Version 23.2 introduces a new theme inspired by Microsoft's Fluent design system. This theme prioritizes accessibility, offering components with robust contrast color support. Users can choose between two distinct color schemes, Classic and Saas, and two size modes, Standard and Compact, to tailor the UI experience to their preferences. Enhancements extend beyond visuals, with the introduction of a dedicated DxFluent icon package that seamlessly integrates with the overall aesthetic. Developers can leverage the power of the ThemeBuilder tool to effortlessly customize and personalize the Fluent theme to match their specific brand identity and application demands.

To see a full list of what's new in version 23.2, see our release notes.

DevExpress ASP.NET and Blazor is licensed per developer and is available as a Perpetual License with a 12 month support and maintenance subscription. See our DevExpress ASP.NET and Blazor licensing page for full details.

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