Administre sus solicitudes de paquetes con informes de trabajo pendiente

Enero 18, 2024
AdminStudio 2023 R2 SP1 agrega nuevos informes que proporcionan una instantánea completa de solicitudes de paquetes pendientes.

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AdminStudio, by Flexera, empowers IT teams to seamlessly and securely package and deploy applications across various platforms. This comprehensive suite automates key processes, from building new packages to testing compatibility and mitigating risks, ensuring efficient and reliable software distribution within your organization. Whether managing physical or virtual applications, AdminStudio simplifies the entire journey, from initial packaging to endpoint delivery, ultimately driving greater efficiency and minimizing deployment risks.

AdminStudio 2023 R2 SP1 adds new Backlog Reports, providing invaluable insights into your packaging requests. These pie-chart reports cover various aspects like Package Feed and Application Catalog coverage, Package Request Status, Automation Subscription, and Package Request Source, giving you a comprehensive snapshot of your packaging backlog and aiding informed decision-making for efficient application distribution.

To see a full list of what's new in version 2023 R2 SP1, see our release notes.

AdminStudio is licensed per user and is available as a 3 Year Timed Subscription. See our AdminStudio Professional licensing page or AdminStudio Enterprise licensing page for full details.

For more information, visit our AdminStudio Professional or AdminStudio Enterprise product pages.