Cree listas dependientes con funciones dinámicas de Excel

Febrero 6, 2024
Aprenda a usar menús desplegables en cascada en MESCIUS Document Solutions for Excel con C#.NET, lo que permite que una lista cambie en función de otra.

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Document Solutions for Excel, .NET Edition (DsExcel) by MESCIUS is a powerful server-side spreadsheet API designed for .NET environments. It allows you to create, load, modify, and convert Excel files without requiring Microsoft Excel itself. Document Solutions for Excel boasts a high-speed, low-footprint design, meaning efficient performance and streamlined integration into your applications. The intuitive interface mirrors Excel's object model, simplifying development for tasks like generating reports, manipulating data, and visualizing information with charts and formatting.

Spreadsheets often require dynamic relationships between dropdowns. Imagine choosing a customer from one dropdown, automatically triggering another dropdown to display only their relevant order IDs. This "cascading" functionality streamlines data navigation and fosters deeper analysis, allowing you to drill down into specific order details with ease.

In this blog post, MESCIUS Product Specialist Paarisha Rana demonstrates how to use DsExcel to create master and dependent dropdown lists programmatically. Steps include:

  • Initializing the Workbook and getting the Worksheet
  • Getting the unique list of customer names
  • Creating the master dropdown
  • Fetching the unique order IDs and populating the dependent dropdown
  • Populating the Worksheet with the order data

Read the complete blog and get started leveraging Excel's powerful capabilities in your own applications using Document Solutions for Excel.

Document Solutions for Excel is licensed per developer for either one distribution location or unlimited distribution locations. Licenses are perpetual, and include a one year subscription for all software releases (including hotfixes and major releases) plus Platinum Support. See our Document Solutions for Excel, .NET Edition licensing page for full details.

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