Cree aplicaciones Win64 modernas y de alto rendimiento

Abril 17, 2024
C++Builder 12.1 Athens agrega un nuevo compilador de C++ modernizado y una cadena de herramientas basada en Clang, lo que mejora el rendimiento para aplicaciones grandes.

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C++Builder by Embarcadero is a rapid application development environment that simplifies C++ development for Windows, iOS, macOS, and Android. It streamlines the process by offering visual UI design tools, pre-built components, and a powerful debugger, enabling faster creation of high-performance native applications.

The C++Builder 12.1 Athens update includes a brand new Clang-based C++ compiler that brings modern development to 64-bit versions of Windows. This high-quality toolchain offers a powerful 64-bit compiler and linker, ideal for large applications. Seamless integration with external libraries and existing C++ code ensures a smooth transition. Full IDE integration and support for VCL, FireMonkey, FireDAC, and RTL libraries make it a complete solution for modern C++ development on Windows.

To see a full list of what's new in C++Builder 12.1 Athens, see our release notes.

C++Builder Professional, Enterprise and Architect are licensed per Named, Network Named or Concurrent user and are available as a Perpetual License with an Update Subscription that includes support and free upgrades for 1 Year. C++Builder Professional is also available as a Named Annual user license. See our C++Builder licensing page for full details.

C++Builder is available to buy in the following products: