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Syncfusion Essential Studio updated

Latest release includes improved WPF grid, Silverlight menus and RDL-compatible WPF report viewer.
Noviembre 26, 2009 - 18:04
Nuevas funcionalidades

Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise includes Syncfusion Essential Tools, Essential Grid, Essential Grouping, Essential XlsIO, Essential Diagram, Essential Chart, and Essential Edit. Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise incorporates a unique debugging support system that allows switching between Debug and Release versions of the library with a single click from inside the Visual Studio.NET IDE.  Dynamic and feature-rich, Syncfusion Essential Studio has everything developers need to create enterprise-class applications.

Syncfusion Essential Studio Business Intelligence Edition includes OLAP aware Grid, Chart and Gauge controls. You can also build reports interactively with the included Report Designer. Syncfusion Essential Studio Business Intelligence Edition includes the following individual products: Essential BI OLAP Grid WPF, Essential BI OLAP Grid ASP.NET, Essential BI OLAP Chart WPF, Essential BI OLAP Chart ASP.NET and Essential BI Report Builder.

Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise includes the following products:

Updates in 2009 Vol. 4

Essential Chart ASP.NET

  • Custom Axes in Polar and Radar Charts
  • Multiple Pie or Bull’s-Eye Type Charts

Essential Schedule ASP.NET

  • Appointment Rendering Time

Essential Grid ASP.NET MVC

  • Performance Enhancement
  • Summary Rows
  • Disable-Sorting Columns
  • Multicolumn Drop-Down Grid

Essential Tools ASP.NET MVC

  • Menu
  • Generic Drop-Down
  • AutoComplete Text Box

Essential DocIO

  • Native Silverlight Support
  • Performance Improvements
  • Improved Word to PDF Conversion

Essential PDF

  • Native Silverlight Support
  • Performance Improvements
  • Extraction and Replacement of Fonts
  • Attachments
  • HTML to PDF Conversion

Essential XlsIO

  • Native Silverlight Support
  • Excel Workbook/Worksheet to HTML Conversion


  • IList Data Binding
  • Filter Elements Based on Top Level Records


  • The new OLAP Client control lets you efficiently browse and analyze multidimensional data from an OLAP data source.
  • Cube Selector
  • Cube Dimension Browser
  • Axis Element Builder Areas
  • Dimension Buttons
  • Measure Button
  • Data Visualization using OLAP Chart and OLAP Grid
  • OLAP Chart in Client Web Control
  • OLAP Grid in Client Web Control


  • Conditional Formatting
  • Exporting Feature
  • IList Data Binding
  • Grid Layouts
  • Hyperlink Cells
  • Filter Elements Based on Top-Level Records

OLAP Chart Silverlight

  • Chart Types
  • Loading Data from an OLAP Report

OLAP Gauge Silverlight

  • Loading Data from an OLAP Report
  • Layout for OLAP Gauge

OLAP Grid Silverlight

  • Loading Data from an OLAP Report
  • Frozen Headers
  • Grid Scorecards


  • IList Data Binding
  • Filter Elements Based on Top-Level Records


  • Semi-Circle Gauge


  • IList Data Binding
  • Exporting Feature
  • Grid Layouts
  • Filter Elements Based on Top-Level Records

Essential Grid Silverlight

  • Cell Types
  • Current Cell Selection Support
  • Excel-Like Selection Support
  • Basic Data Sources
  • New Skins for Grid Data Control
  • Advanced Filtering Mode
  • Text Filtering Pane
  • Slider Filtering Pane
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Unbound Columns
  • Expression Columns
  • Stacked Headers
  • Grouping Data
  • Summaries in Grouping

Essential Chart Windows Forms

  • Highlighting a Hidden Series
  • Custom Axes in Polar and Radar Charts
  • Multiple Pie or Bull’s-Eye Charts
  • Chart Localization

Essential Grid Windows Forms

  • Grid Helper Class
  • Essential Grid has improved its ability to handle combinations of operators and data types by using the GridDynamic filter, allowing users to play with various key combinations and data types.

Essential Tools Windows Forms

  • IsNullValue Support for Double Text Box
  • Rolled-In and Rolled-Out Status of an AutoHidden Control
  • Changing Text for CAPS/SCROLL/INSERT/NUM Lock keys in a Status Bar Panel
  • AutoSize property for XP Taskbar
  • Hidden Bar Items under Chevron in XP Toolbar
  • AutoCheck for CheckBoxAdv
  • Automatically Hiding a Single Control in a Tabbed Group Programmatically

Essential Chart WPF

  • Data Binding for Child-Level Properties
  • AutoDiscard Property
  • Improved Performance for Fast-Line Chart
  • IsVisibleOnLegend Property

Essential Diagram WPF

  • Undo and Redo Support
  • Table Layout
  • Multiline Label Support
  • Gripper for Diagram Nodes
  • Event Mechanism
  • Simplified Context Menu

Essential Grid WPF

  • New Skins for Grid Data Control
  • Expression Columns
  • Custom Visual Style
  • Printing Support
  • Excel Exporting
  • Localization
  • Synchronize Current Selection
  • Essential Tools WPF
  • New Visual Style Support in Docking Manager
  • New Visual Style Support in Ribbon
  • Line Breaks in Ribbon Button Label
  • ScreenTip Placement for Ribbon Bar Items
  • Ribbon Bar Launcher Button Command Support

Editor Controls WPF

  • Null Option in all Editor Controls
  • MinMax Validation in all Editor Controls
  • Currency Symbol Position in Currency Text Box
  • Caret Animation in Editor Control
  • String Validation in a Masked Text Box
  • Negative Background in Up-Down Control
  • AutoComplete Sources
  • Custom Region Adapters for WPF Prism
  • Icon Size for Ribbon Menu Items, Simple Menu Buttons, and Split Menu Buttons
  • Tab Panel Background in TabControlExt
  • Localization Support
  • Binding a Custom Source to the Document Container

Essential Report Designer

  • Embedding an Image
  • Page Headers and Footers
  • Chart Data Regions
  • Gauge Data Regions
  • Essential Report Viewer for WPF

Silverlight Reporting

  • Exporting
  • Zooming
  • Printing

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About Syncfusion

Syncfusion has a mission to produce world-class Windows Forms, ASP.NET and WPF components that enable developers to produce quality software for the most demanding of environments. With Syncfusion components, developers can quickly and easily add cutting-edge functionality, high performance and the very latest look and feel to their .NET applications. Syncfusion's innovative libraries are designed to be extensible to ensure maximum benefit to customers. The company provides full source code to enable seamless integration of its libraries with its customers' projects. Syncfusion firmly believes that its success is closely tied to that of its customers, and to help its customers succeed, the company strives to offer technical support that is accessible, accurate and fast.

Syncfusion components including charts, diagrams and ribbon bars.

Syncfusion Essential PDF

Easily generate and modify richly-formatted, standards-compliant Adobe PDF files, with no need for Acrobat to be installed on your users’ systems.

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