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Office 2010 Scenic Ribbon for WinForms

Infragistics NetAdvantage for Windows Forms 2010 Volume 3 also adds Office 2010 Blue theme across all controls.
Octubre 18, 2010 - 0:00
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Infragistics NetAdvantage for Windows Forms provides developers with UI controls to rapidly build and style high-fidelity line of business application user interfaces with the look and feel of Microsoft Office. With Infragistics NetAdvantage for Windows Forms developers receive every control (data grids, trees, toolbars, calendars, editors, charts, gauges, scenic ribbons and more) needed to create superior user experiences with stability, performance and robustness. NetAdvantage for Windows Forms includes an annual subscription to developer support, source code, all updates and upgrades, documentation and samples.

Infragistics NetAdvantage for Windows Forms is also available as part of Infragistics NetAdvantage for .NET and Infragistics NetAdvantage Ultimate.

Updates in 2010 Volume 3

  • Office 2010 Style - NEW!
    Give all Windows Forms controls the Office 2010 Blue Theme for a modern look and feel that. Additionally, on seventeen controls there is a convenient enum property setting you can use which will enable them to display an Office 2010 Blue Theme appearance both at run-time and design-time
  • WinToolbars - NEW!
    New support in the Windows Forms ribbon UI allows you to deliver the usability improvements in the Microsoft Office 2010 ribbon with your own Windows Forms applications
  • Office 2010 Scenic Ribbon
    New scenic ribbon now with an Office 2010 style gives you the ability to create rich applications that have improved ease-of-use
  • Microsoft Office Application Menu 2010 (also known as Backstage)
    Microsoft designed their Microsoft Office Application Menu 2010’s functionality to give users easy access to the task-centered functions of an application. 
  • Infragistics.Excel – Enhanced
    New Office 2010 file support for ExcelML files allows you to export the contents of high performance WinGrid into the latest version of this widely-used spreadsheet file format
  • Windows Messaging Support – NEW!
    All Infragistics standalone editor controls can now process numerous Windows® OS messages which allows them to respond just like native controls to changes in the Windows environment

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About Infragistics

Infragistics has been a market leader in the presentation layer components industry for over 18 years. With a comprehensive portfolio of multi-platform Enterprise Software products and services, it has achieved global reach in nearly every Fortune 2000 company. Infragistics empowers developers to build and style great application user interfaces for Windows Forms, ASP.NET, WPF and JSF, and additionally offers user interface test tools, support, training and consulting services.

Infragistics NetAdvantage provides the most comprehensive set of components for quickly building and styling commercial class user interfaces for Windows Forms, ASP.NET, JSF and WPF applications. The company's advanced user interface controls allow developers to produce all of the familiar interfaces your users expect, such as Office 2007 UI, Windows XP, and Vista. Its controls are widely deployed for use in the hottest architectures such as Web 2.0, SharePoint and Microsoft’s Composite Applications Block (CAB). Within every NetAdvantage product, Infragistics provide global product support, source code to controls and frameworks, guaranteed multiple releases yearly of customer driven products and features and much more.

Digital dashboard created with Infragistics NetAdvantage for Windows Forms.

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