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Essential PDF adds cell-level formatting

2011 Vol 1 release also improves PDF forms, images in EMFs, text extraction and appending of PDF files.
Febrero 14, 2011 - 17:06
Nuevas funcionalidades

Syncfusion Essential PDF exposes an intuitive API to let you create rich PDF content documents, including international languages support. The extensive feature set includes several text formatting options, drawing shapes and images, including multiple layers within a page, inserting tables with custom formatting, bookmarks, support for headers and footer and page layout during printing, encryption, etc. There is also support for creating Acroforms. You can also convert HTML web pages to PDF. Syncfusion Essential PDF does not use COM interop and is available with full 100% C# source code. Included with every license is a one-year subscription for unlimited technical support and updates.

Syncfusion Essential PDF is also available as part of Syncfusion Essential Studio Reporting Edition and Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise.

Updates in 2011 Vol 1

  • The TryGetField and TryGetValue methods have been added to obtain form fields and form-field values, respectively.
  • Images in an EMF are now properly preserved.
  • Font baseline is now properly preserved in HTML-to-PDF conversion.
  • A "Null Reference" exception is no longer thrown when merging documents.
  • PdfLoadedDocument is now released after opening a document with the wrong password.
  • Bookmarks with Unicode characters can now be rendered when merging.
  • The height of PdfLayoutResult Bounds is correct now.
  • Text can now be extracted after splitting a PDF document.
  • Text with special fonts will be rendered properly in HTML-to-PDF conversion.
  • A PDF form will now be properly filled.
  • Text lines will not be split over page breaks when the SplitTextLines property of the PdfMefileLayout class is set to False.
  • Appending PDF files works properly now.
  • PageBreak works correctly when converting large HTML files to PDF files.
  • Text box values will not rotate when flattening PDF forms.
  • A "Null Reference" exception no longer occurs when saving a PDF.
  • Cell-level formatting can now be performed in PdfGrid.
  • An HTML file with a table will now convert properly.
  • The height of a metafile will not remain the same as the height of the largest metafile when the HTMLConverter object is reused.
  • The issue with capturing pages with Silverlight controls has been fixed.

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A range of PDF documents created with Syncfusion Essential PDF.

Syncfusion Essential PDF for ASP.NET MVC

Easily generate and modify richly-formatted, standards-compliant Adobe PDF files, with no need for Acrobat to be installed on your users’ systems.

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