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dbiCalendarWPF v2.0 released

New version adds full Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) controller support.
Mayo 23, 2014 - 15:05
Nuevas funcionalidades

dbiCalendarWPF is straight forward and to the point, providing appointment scheduling and calendar presentations for WPF application development. dbiCalendarWPF combines three direct edit controls; a Multi Column Day/Resource View, a Month Calendar View and a Week Calendar View, into one compact, feature rich, royalty free WPF control.

Updates in v2.0

  • Full Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) controller support.
  • User drawn functionality has been extended to allow for a more discrete implementation.
  • New Day View boarder property.
  • New AutoScroll properties for DayView, Calendar and Navigation.
  • New PrintFooterAlign and PrintTitleAlign properties.
  • PropertyType changes have been made to Appointments, ColumnTypes, Contacts, Custom Areas, Locations, PrintReportType, SelectedDates and Task properties.

About DBI Technologies

Incorporated in 1996, DBI Technologies is a commercial software development company that is focused on empowering Windows application developers with flexible and respected commercial component products and services. DBI provides creative solutions for its clients, incorporating leading edge Web technologies built on commercial component based architectures. DBI's component solutions are incorporated in many Fortune 1000 business support systems, as well as commercial ERP and CRM solutions.

Month, week and day views in dbiCalendarWPF.


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