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Solutions Schedule for .NET v6.0 released

Build logistics, team management and resource planning solutions.
Septiembre 15, 2014 - 11:18
Nuevas funcionalidades

Solutions Schedule for .NET provides Windows developers with an advanced set of features for creating enterprise Asset Management and Multi-resource scheduling applications. Solutions Schedule can be used in ERP, CRM and many other enterprise applications. Solutions Schedule .NET delivers intuitive mouse driven scheduling and planning with Gantt-style project management features. It also includes map and scroll-to-date features to easily manage schedules of any size.

Updates in v6.0

  • Support for resource list in-line editing.
  • Support for third party editing controls.
  • Added Drag and Drop sorting for List Items within Parent Nodes.
  • Added user drawn resource List Items.
  • New user drawn time line ruler features.
  • Support for side by side Schedule Objects.
  • Drag and Drop between side by side Schedule Objects.

About DBI Technologies

Incorporated in 1996, DBI Technologies is a commercial software development company that is focused on empowering Windows application developers with flexible and respected commercial component products and services. DBI provides creative solutions for its clients, incorporating leading edge Web technologies built on commercial component based architectures. DBI's component solutions are incorporated in many Fortune 1000 business support systems, as well as commercial ERP and CRM solutions.

Project Schedules created with Solutions Schedule for .NET.

Solutions Schedule for .NET

Cree soluciones para logística, gestión de equipos y planificación avanzada de recursos.

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