SharePoint ShortUrl 8 released

New version adds the ability to redirect shortened URLs.
Agosto 18, 2015 - 0:00
Nuevas funcionalidades

SharePoint ShortUrl is a SharePoint solution that allows the creation and use of shortcut hyperlinks. It’s common, especially with large complex installations, for the structure of a SharePoint site collection to lead to enormously long hyperlinks, which makes for ugly and error prone URLs. When you use SharePoint ShortUrl, these can be shortened to, for example, https://yoursite/clients. This makes emailing the link, putting it into documents or even saying it over the phone much simpler and less error prone.

Updates in V8

  • New ShortUrl Priority Feature - allows you to duplicate shorturl names to redirect old/incorrect content to a new/correct destination.
  • Support for Host-Name Site Collections.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements (AMM Zone Fix).


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Use ShortUrl to create short hyperlinks.

SharePoint ShortUrl

Cree ShortUrl para cualquier página, lista de elementos, documento, vista o enlace externo de SharePoint.

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