Monyog v8.4

Añade más opciones de alerta y registro, además de mejorar la API de MONyog.
Enero 12, 2018 - 11:31
Nueva versión


  • Added more notification channels (Slack and Pagerduty) for Monyog alerts.
  • Option to write Monyog alerts in the Syslog of the machine where Monyog is installed. This option is only available for Linux.
  • Option to edit the subject line for Monyog alerts.
  • Added MONyog API to disable notification for a monitor based on a server/tag.
  • Complete re-design of the Settings page.


  • Export as CSV was downloading sorted based on "Average latency" column, even if sorted based on another column in Query Analyzer.
  • Fixed a case where Monyog sent bogus alerts.
  • Fixed a bug in reading RDS log files.
  • The Query filter “Custom” did not work in "Threads" page.
  • In rare cases, Monyog Disk space Monitoring alert gave false alerts.
  • The "Table" column returned empty values under "Tables" filter in Real-time.
  • SNMPv2 traps were having the same OID for two different objects what caused SNMP alerts failure with SNMPv2 services.
  • The Linux command 'ps' failed to identify Monyog process status.
  • The option "Notify when changes to MySQL configuration is detected" compared in a case-sensitive manner and thus raised false alerts when the value for the MySQL variables changed from lower to upper case and vice versa. This could happen when a MySQL server was upgraded.

SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL

Monyog MySQL Monitor and Advisor facilita a los DBA la supervisión de bases de datos MySQL.

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