Xceed Toolkit Plus for WPF V3.8

Mejora los controles AvalonDock, DateTimePicker y PropertyGrid.
Febrero 05, 2019 - 11:57
Nueva versión


  • AvalonDock
    • Activating LayoutFloatingWindows now uses the client area’s width and height.
    • Docking a LayoutAnchorable to top/bottom followed by a docking to right/left no longer allows a resize that will hide the LayoutAnchorable header.
    • Docking a LayoutAnchorable with its CanClose property set to false, into a LayoutDocumentPane, no longer displays a close button in the newly created LayoutDocument.
    • Expanding auto-hidden LayoutAnchorables now always selects the LayoutAnchorable where the auto-hide button was clicked.
    • LayoutAnchorable now includes the new Hidden event, which is raised when the hiding process of a LayoutAnchorable is completed.
    • Removing LayoutAnchorables now stretches the remaining LayoutAnchorables in the available space.
    • Czech localization is now supported.
    • The NavigatorWindow now supports navigation with the arrow keys.
    • Using the context menu to dock a LayoutAnchorable floating window as a tabbed document now keeps the “X” in the header to close the LayoutAnchorable.
    • When using nested DockingManagers, dragging a LayoutDocument no longer hides the drop zone target when the mouse enters a nested DockingManager but remain over the main DockingManager.
    • LayoutAnchorable and LayoutDocument can now be set as TopMost when floating.
  • DateTimePicker
    • Selecting a new date in the Calendar now immediately modifies the Value property.
    • Setting the ShowDropDownButton and ShowButtonSpinners properties to false no longer makes the right border disappear.
  • In DropDownButton when the popup contains a ComboBox, clicking outside the inner ComboBox, but inside the DropDownButton popup, no longer closes the DropDownButton popup.
  • In MaskedTextBox the PromptChar character is now displayed when the IsReadOnly property is true.
  • PropertyGrid
    • A ReadOnly property can now use its Editor Template.
    • Removing the text in the Search TextBox now removes the yellow highlighted text from the PropertyGrid.
    • The contextMenu containing the ‘reset’ option for properties no longer disappears after modifying PropertyGrid properties.
    • The new PropertiesGenerated event is now raised when all the properties of the PropertyGrid are generated.
    • When the SelectedObject property is set to an object containing properties of type interface, the PropertyGrid editors no longer use an empty ComboBox.
  • In TimePicker selecting a new time in the ListBox now immediately modifies the Value property.
  • In StyleableWindow, ChildWindow, MessageBox and WindowControl, the content no longer fades when the window loses focus.
  • WatermarkPasswordBox
    • Using the escape key input is now ignored.
    • When the AcceptsReturn property is true, a “\r” is now added to the Password property; when the AccceptsReturn property is false, the input is now ignored.
  • In ExtendedTabControl the new CacheTabItems property now makes it easy to prevent the reloading of the selected TabItem when tab selection is changed.
  • In MaterialButton scaling a text content now displays clear characters.
  • In MaterialTabControl navigation with the tab key will now be contained in the active MaterialTabItem.
  • In MS DataGrid the DataGridColumn.HeaderTemplate can now be set when a theme is applied.
  • PropertyGrid
    • Modifying the SelectedObject or SelectedObjectOverride properties when using alphabetical or categorized (with many categories) sorting now removes the visual ‘flash’ upon refreshing.
    • Modifying the SelectedObjectsOverride property now cancels any pending properties generation inside the PropertyGrid.
    • New methods were added to retrieve a list of category names (GetCategories, GetCollapsedCategories, GetExpandedCategories) and to retrieve the current state of a specific category (IsCategoryCollapsed, IsCategoryExpanded).
    • The new SelectedObjectsOverrideChanged event is now raised when the SelectedObjectsOverride property changes.
  • StyleableWindow
    • The header icon no longer touches the left window border.
    • Using a DockingManager with LayoutAutoHideWindowControls now shows the pinned window popup when the mouse goes over it.
  • In TokenizedTextBox modifying the SelectedItems collection now only raises one (1) ItemSelectionChanged event.
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