DevExpress WPF 19.1.4

Mejora los controles Charts, Docking, Editors, Map, PivotGrid, Ribbon, Scheduler y RichEdit.
Junio 25, 2019 - 10:58
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Data Access Library

  • Query Builder - A column of the selected table is not updated

DXAccordion for WPF

  • AccordionItem is not disabled when a command's CanExecute method returns false
  • FilteringUI - FilterElements don't take additional collections of the target data control into account
  • It's not possible to expand an accordion item after changing the AccordionControl visibility via ViewModel
  • WPF Accordion Control incorrectly scrolls when clicking on a disabled item

DXBars for WPF

  • BarItemMenuHeader aligns item check marks incorrectly and displays the bottom line in Office2016SE and VS2017 themes
  • Grid Context Menu - The foreground is light in Office2016DarkGraySE
  • Key gesture and sub item arrow margins are significantly smaller than in Visual Studio/Office menus
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when debugging an application using Visual Studio 16.2 preview 1
  • PropertyGridControl - Menu items remain highlighted even if the mouse pointer leaves their boundaries
  • The previously highlighted item stays active when the mouse pointer is moved above a disabled item
  • The ToolBarControl.GlyphSize property doesn't affect the glyph size of items in BarLinkContainerItem.ItemTemplate

DXCharts for WPF

  • An incorrect Series layout when updating the ChartControl data at runtime
  • An unhandled exception occurs in the ChartControl navigation procedure in certain situations
  • An unhandled exception occurs when removing or changing the Series state in certain situations
  • Axis elements are not visible after changing the XYDiagram2D.EnableAxisYNavigation property at runtime
  • Axis scrollbar position is not correct on window resize
  • Binding in the WholeRange.MinValue/MaxValue properties does not work if data is provided using SeriesItemsSource
  • CharControl cannot be dragged using the mouse to scroll the chart data when zoomed in
  • Chart Designer - An unhandled exception occurs after adding a new Constant Line element and closing the designer dialog window
  • Chart Designer - An unhandled exception occurs when adding a new Pane title element and closing the designer dialog window
  • Chart Designer ignores scale and series' AggregateFunction in certain circumstances
  • Dashboard update requires much time if any chart item is placed on a hidden tab
  • InvalidOperationException is raised on re-connecting to a Remote Desktop (RDP) when ChartControl reloads data
  • It is impossible to focus the chart control using the mouse if the IsTabStop property is disabled
  • It is impossible to zoom in a chart with the mouse if the FocusManager.IsFocusScope property is disabled
  • NullReferenceException is raised after binding a series to data requested from a Data Grid
  • RangeControl bound to ChartControl does not update its content in certain cases
  • The Chart Designer does not display a secondary legend's title in certain cases
  • The DiagramToPoint method unexpectedly returns a point with the Infinity/NaN Y coordinate in certain cases
  • Unhandled exception occurs when displaying Average indicators when the X-Axis is reversed
  • Usability - The Axis3D Title position cannot be adjusted

DXControls for WPF

  • Buttons with underscore lose their content when a DevExpress control is in this view
  • Closing a ThemedWindow using the Caliburn.Micro.Screen causes an exception
  • ComboBoxEdit TokenComboBoxStyleSettings - Selected items appear in the popup when opening it in code
  • FileNotFoundException is raised on an attempt to open the Image Picker
  • It's not possible to drop tab items to a window with DXTabItem when the "UI Debugging Tools" feature is enabled
  • MessageBoxService - MessageBox does not update its text
  • SvgImageSourceExtension doesn't correctly size SVG images
  • TabItems in DXTabControl cannot be properly dragged when their Visibility is bound
  • The root window is resized when two dialog windows are displayed
  • The size of Dialog Buttons in Themed Window is incorrect
  • The SvgImageHelper.GetOrCreateSvgImage method is missing in v19.1.3
  • ThemedWindow - A window with WindowStyle set to None does not allow resizing its top border
  • ThemedWindow - RibbonControl placed in a window with WindowStyle set to None is displayed incorrectly
  • ThemedWindow increases its size when a dialog is opened
  • WpfSvgPalette doesn't use default theme colors when it is initialized in code behind

DXDiagram for WPF

  • The DiagramConnectorExtensions class became internal after the upgrade to v19.1

DXDocking for WPF

  • Window's InputBindings stop working after restoring a layout
  • AutoHideGroup - The SelectedItemChanged event is raised twice
  • Docking - NullReferenceException in DevExpress.Xpf.Docking.Platform.LayoutView.CanUseCustomServiceListener
  • DockLayoutManager - ItemTemplate is not used if its root element is neither LayoutPanel nor DocumentPanel
  • FloatGroup's window becomes semi-transparent when its DocumentPanel is re-docked
  • The content in a maximized floating DocumentPanel is cropped if this panel is restored from the minimized state
  • The DockItemActivating event can fire twice when the event parameter's Cancel property is set to True
  • The InvalidOperationException occurs after clicking a restored auto-hidden panel

DXEditors for WPF

  • A memory leak occurs when LookUpEdit is used with EntityInstantFeedbackSource
  • ComboBoxEdit - Cannot select several last items using Incremental Search when a filter is applied
  • DateEdit - NullReferenceException occurs when opening the popup form in the New Item Row
  • FilterControl causes a memory leak
  • LookUpEdit causes a memory leak when its ItemsSource is set to an instant feedback source
  • Provide the capability to revert the delete button's appearance in ButtonEdit
  • RangeControl - Days in a selected range are not highlighted
  • RangeControl - Zooming thumbs are interactive when the AllowZoom property is set to False
  • The "Backspace" key press clears an entire ComboBoxEdit when the ClearSelectionOnBackspace feature is enabled and the cursor is located at the end of the text
  • The right range label can be clipped when the selected range is scrolled to the right
  • ThemedWindow - Binding errors are shown in the Output window when RibbonControl is declared in a separate DataTemplate
  • Unhandled Exception on the Tile Bar Menu Item click

DXGantt for WPF

  • Scheduling may work incorrectly if parallel tasks have connectors with different time lags

DXGauges for WPF

  • DXGauge displayed in the grid cell makes the scrolling very slow
  • It is impossible to add gauges to different windows running in different threads

DXGrid for WPF

  • Best Fit operates slow when GridControl displays several levels of bands
  • GridControl - The IsEditing property does not take Edit Form's state into account
  • Identical DisplayTemplate and EditTemplate have different positions in a cell
  • NotSupportedException is raised on adding a new item when OptimizeSummaryCalculation is enabled and SummaryType in one of summaries is inconsistent with column values
  • The BestFit operation operates incorrectly for GridColumns with long header values on machines with non-standard DPI settings
  • The IconSet.IconName attached property cannot be found after generating Format Conditions at runtime in version 19.1
  • The InlineEditForm confirmation dialog is shown with the incorrect size on scrolling
  • The RuntimeLocalizationStrings property does not work with the SummaryItemsSeparator localization string

DXLayoutControl for WPF

  • ElementSizer - The BorderThickness and BorderBrush properties are not taken into account

DXMap for WPF

  • An unhandled exception (NullReferenceException) occurs in the custom clusterer class
  • Map animation looks jerky after the upgrade
  • Map Control - MapEditor's ActiveLayer is overridden
  • Map Editor - Incorrect behavior when modifying map items with a non-empty Tag value
  • Map scrolling animation was changed in version 19.1
  • MapControl scrolls to an incorrect position when it's zoomed using touch manipulations
  • NullRefferenceException occurs when setting the ToolTipPattern property in certain cases
  • SvgFileDataAdapter parses MapRectangle and MapPolygon items incorrectly in certain cases
  • WMSDataProvider performance reduced in version 19.1.3

DXPivotGrid for WPF

  • PreFilter fails in LegacyOptimized mode if the criterion uses fields that are not available in the DataSource
  • Print Preview - The Page Setup dialog is not displayed and an empty document is generated in certain situations

DXPrinting for WPF

  • A top border is missing when a master-detail grid is exported via CompositeLink
  • An exception occurs after the Page Setup dialog is closed in MapControl's Print Preview
  • CollectionViewLink in CompositeLink crashes/does not work
  • DocumentPreviewControls - Memory leaks (complete document) when DocumentSource is set to null
  • The Printing library cannot export complex controls such as Spreadsheet when the ExportSettings.TargetType property is set to 'Image'

DXRibbon for WPF

  • ApplicationButton's foreground is incorrect in the Office2019DarkGray and Office2019Colorful themes when OfficeSlim RibbonStyle is used
  • BackstageView - The Back button is malformed when the DPI is set to 175%
  • DXRibbonWindow's icon and Quick Access Toolbar icons are misaligned in certain themes
  • It is impossible to customize RibbonControl key tips in Theme Designer
  • NullReferenceException occurs in GetChildrenCore in certain cases
  • RibbonControl collapses items from left to right in simplified mode
  • RibbonControl does not show items on startup
  • RibbonPageCategory's tab is not resized when its caption is updated
  • ThemedWindow with RibbonControl - The resize cursor is not shown when the mouse pointer is over RibbonControl's right border

DXRichEdit for WPF

  • Character formatting is taken from the previous character when the first character is removed using the Backspace key
  • Comments are hardly readable with the VS2017Dark theme used
  • RichEditControl's Ribbon is generated incorrectly if the RichEditControl.CommandBarStyle property value is assigned using binding

DXScheduler for WPF

  • A custom appointment window with AppointmentResourcesEdit asks to save changes when no changes are made
  • Background/Foreground, BorderBrush properties defined in DateHeaderControl do not affect date headers
  • Changing an appointment's type to "recurrence" immediately leads to posting this appointment to SchedulerControl if the AppointmentWindowShowing event is handled
  • Scheduler - Support dynamic resources for the BasedOn property of BrushProvider

DXScheduler for WPF (Legacy)

  • An unhandled exception occurs while editing an appointment
  • DateNavigator with SchedulerDateNavigatorStyleSettings does not highlight special dates
  • The keyboard events aren't raised for the "Arrow" keys when the VisualVerticalAppointmentControl element is focused

DXSpellChecker for WPF

  • Items in the Suggestions list box in the Spelling window are rendered incorrectly
  • The Word Spelling form cannot correct a misspelled word with a newly inserted word if the word with the space character was initially selected

DXSpreadsheet for WPF

  • Exception on conditional formatting with a 3 scale color
  • Formula can't contain a sheet that uses an apostrophe
  • Selecting the first visible sheet in the sheet tab selector always selects the first sheet

DXTreeList for WPF

  • The Shift+Tab key press selects additional nodes when TreeListView's SelectionMode is Row and NavigationStyle is Cell

DXWizard for WPF

  • Wizard Control demo always shows the same dialog

MVVM Framework

  • DXBinding - ObjectToObjectConverter throws an unhandled ArgumentException when the binding expression returns an incorrect value
  • UICommand.Command is not executed when the dialog window is closed using the ICurrentDialogService.Close(UICommand dialogResult) method

PDF Processing (Common)

  • Metafile - A high-resolution one pixel-sized metafile cannot be exported

PDF Viewer for WPF

  • A new context menu item cannot be created via  InsertAction added to the CommandProvider.RibbonActions collection
  • The page's content is displayed without rotation when setting the PageRotation property before PdfViewerControl is rendered
  • Usability - There is no way to disable caret animation in client code

Theme Designer

  • An application throws an exception when the custom theme's name does not correspond to its assembly name
  • Theme Designer cannot upgrade a theme because the 'x' namespace prefix is not defined in certain files

Windows UI

  • AdornerFlyoutControl - The position is calculated incorrectly when either HorizontalOffset or VerticalOffset is set
  • FlyoutControl in HamburgerMenu - Content is not scaled according to the menu's LayoutTransform
  • WinUIMessageBox buttons are not clickable after opening TileNavPane

XtraReports Suite

  • DocumentPreviewControl - A click on the token's delete button shows the look-up list instead of deleting it
  • DocumentPreviewControl - Page settings are not applied to printer settings
  • Editing the XRLabel.Text property in the smart tag deletes text in a control
  • How to localize tooltips in the Property Grid's pane
  • QueryBuilder - Incorrect column width in the 'Tables' list box
  • System.NullReferenceException when scrolling a document when continuous scrolling is disabled and a page layout is set to 'Two pages'
  • The Page Setup Dialog incorrectly displays the size of all ISO A paper kinds
  • The SaveLayout method generates DuplicateSerializationIDException
  • WPF End-User Report Designer - It is not possible to specify an expression for the Style property in a new office-inspired property grid
  • WPF Report Designer - Pivot Grid Designer - Data is not displayed in the Layout tab after previewing a report in the designer
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