C++Builder Enterprise 10.3.2

Añade compatibilidad con C++17 para Windows de 64 bits para C++Builder.
Julio 19, 2019 - 10:38
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C++17 for Windows 64-bit

  • New in 10.3.2 is C++17 support for Windows 64-bit for C++Builder. C++Builder and RAD Studio 10.3.2 introduce an updated Clang-enhanced compiler with C++17 support for Windows 64-bit. As part of the progressive compiler upgrade, you can now use the latest C++ language features for more powerful and concise code, more compiler optimizations giving you faster code, and access to more third-party C++ libraries to build more powerful applications.
  • C++17 Clang-enhanced compiler and toolchain for Win64 (bcc64), meaning C++17 is available for both Win32 and Win64 targets.
  • C++ runtime library (RTL) built with the updated Clang-enhanced compiler for Win64, including 2018 edition of Dinkumware STL.
  • Additional, included support for C++14.
  • Boost library support for both Win32 and Win64 (Boost v1.68).

C++ LSP Code Insight Improvements

  • Quality and performance improvements for code completion. 10.3.2 includes full-featured code completion support for C++.
  • New for Clang compilers: Parameter completion, Tooltip Insight, and Go To Definition (ctrl+click). This brings the full set of editing productivity features to C++, as well as significantly improving them by making them asynchronous and non-blocking.

RAD Server Wizards and Deployment Improvements

  • Enhancements in RAD Server Wizards (for automatic FireDAC database mapping and API documentation).
  • Android Firebase push notification support in RAD Server.
  • New RAD Server admin console with configuration editor and integrated REST debugger.
  • Swagger API documentation improvements (automatic documentation for your custom APIs) and support for Swagger-UI.
  • Improved startup error messages and richer error logging, simplifying the deployment process.
  • Deployment installers for Linux and Windows servers (available via GetIt).

Enhanced Firebase Android Support

  • The FireBase patch distributed for 10.3.1 is now part of the 10.3.2 product release, all files are part of the Android platform installation.
  • Improvements to icons for all notifications.
  • Updates to Google Play services and Maps to match Firebase version support requirements.
  • Firebase replaces Google Cloud Messaging (deprecated by Google).

Runtime Library Performance

  • FireMonkey styles performance optimization.
  • VCL DFM files loading optimization.
  • Variants conversions performance.

VCL Quality Improvements

  • Significant VCL quality improvements, with over 50 VCL customer reported issues fixed.
  • Improvements in many components including ComboBox, MainMenu and PopupMenu, TreeView, StatusBar, PageControl, Button, DateTimePicker.
  • Additional High DPI and scaling refinement.
  • Improvements in forms, frames, painting and styling primitives.


  • Better FullScreen mode on iOS including visible status bar.

C++17 Quality Enhancements

  • STL quality in a number of scenarios, including mixing std::bind with __fastcall methods, std::function and lambda methods, and many more.
  • Compiler quality improvements, especially stability with some code constructs.
  • Code completion, introduced in 10.3, has had a significant revision with a number of quality improvements, including case-insensitivity, invoking completion when part of an identifier is already typed, issues with spaces or other characters in the file paths, as well as new UI tweaks to the completion list and more.


  • A number of quality IDE improvements, especially when resizing and moving the IDE.
  • Optimization in source code file access for large projects through a unit cache, particularly when residing on remote drives. The feature is controlled by a new IDE option at Tools > Options > IDE > Compiling and Running > Enable unit directory cache, and is on by default.
  • Performance improvements loading forms.
  • Significant UI and UX quality improvements, including issues around the IDE’s toolbars, title bar and search, scrolling in the Options dialog, switching between layouts such as when starting debugging, flicker, previously unthemed elements now themed, the guided tour, and more.
  • Faster file search operations.
  • The Options dialog now no longer allows you to choose any style for the IDE, but you can still choose a custom VCL style via a registry key.


  • macOS quality improvements for 32-bit and 64-bit.
  • Push notification improvements on iOS and local notifications on Android.
  • Notification icon improvements on Android.
  • TEdit improvements on Android.
  • Improved compatibility with older versions of Android.
  • TMediaPlayer quality on Android and Windows.
  • In the application menu for macOS 64-bit applications, system menu items such as Services, Hide, Hide Others and Quit are now added automatically. This is a change compared to macOS 32-bit where system menus had to be added by the developer.

FireDAC & Database

  • Microsoft SQL Improvements, including invocation of stored procedures.
  • Master-detail cleanup.
  • Oracle CHAR parameters.

Web Clients

  • Additional runtime properties in THTTPClient to handle certificates and authentication (PreemptiveAuthentication, AutomaticDecompression, SecureFailureReasons) and new TCertificate properties (CertName and SerialNum) for HTTP and SOAP clients.
  • JSON serialization compatibility (offering DataSnap JSON compatibility with 10.2).
  • REST Client Library quality improvements.
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