ComponentSpace SAML v2.0 for ASP.NET Core v2.6.0

Agrega eventos OnSendMessage y OnReceiveMessage.
Octubre 07, 2019 - 11:08
Nueva versión


  • Supports certificates that are not exportable and therefore cannot be cached.
  • Makes it easier to add custom form variables to the HTTP Post binding.
  • Refactor SAML events so they’re also available when using the authentication handler and middleware.
  • Add OnError delegate to the authentication handler and middleware to allow the application to handle errors.
  • Add OnSendMessage and OnReceiveMessage events.
  • Supports artifact resolution binding in metadata import/export.
  • Supports arbitrary attributes in the subject confirmation data.
  • Adds the DisableLogoutResponseStatusCheck configuration flag.
ComponentSpace SAML v2.0 for ASP.NET Core

ComponentSpace SAML v2.0 for ASP.NET Core

Implementa aserciones, protocolo, vinculaciones y perfiles de SAML v2.0.

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