EurekaLog 7.8

Añade compatibilidad con YouTrack, además de seguimiento global de recursos.
Noviembre 15, 2019 - 13:21
Nueva versión


  • Added: YouTrack support.
  • Added: Global resource tracking (with option).
  • Added: Selectable categories for resource tracking.
  • Added: "Log application's exits" option.
  • Added: New options for bug report content: UAC, evelation, admin, memory (RTL, RAM, private, virtual).
  • Added: Interfaces information lookup for leaks and memory errors.
  • Added: Added stack frames recovery after FPO routine.
  • Added: New "Consecutive Processing" multi-threading option to replace various "Pause" options.
  • Added: "Message" property to exception filters.
  • Added: HTML web dialog now supports XML and JSON.
  • Added: [C++ Builder] Ability to show direct caller of memory functions even if RAW stack tracing is not used (leaks detection).
  • Added: Leaks checking for "Lightweight DLL" profile.
  • Added: More information for out of memory exceptions.
  • Added: Support for Get/SetThreadDescription API.
  • Added: Exception2HRESULT function in EBase unit.
  • Added: %_EL_Last_Failure% environment variable can be used to indicate send failure reason when chaining few send methods together.
  • Added: Preload debug info for some important core BPLs/DLLs.
  • Added: Viewer can scale screenshot's preview. Recommended to include 5.9 (Display DPI) in your bug reports, so Viewer can scale screenshot automatically.
  • Added: Now EurekaLog is able to tell the immediate caller of kernel32.RaiseException (mostly used for software non-Delphi exceptions).
  • Added: Retrieving info about exceptions from delayed DLL imports.
  • Added: Warnings in EurekaLog's project options dialog for disabled EurekaLog.


  • Fixed: Various issues with cross-module exceptions.
  • Fixed: Now ecc32 will also look for dcc32 in %PATH%.
  • Fixed: Some DPI scaling issues for extreme DPI/fonts.
  • Fixed: Greatly reduced chances to lock while taking call stacks of external threads.
  • Fixed: Shared logging in same process from different executable modules.
  • Fixed: [ANSI only] A wrong charset may be used in fonts.
  • Fixed: Check for a valid memory address / block.
  • Fixed: [C++ Builder] Some line numbers may be missing.
  • Fixed: Message about fatal/configuration error is not visible if dialog set to "None".
  • Fixed: Possible crash on shutdown when memory leaks are used with DLL exports provider.
  • Fixed: Parent window for send dialogs (used mostly in (S)MAPI send methods).
  • Fixed: Unified "Append bug report" option for various mail send methods; now this option will not remove bug report file from attaches.
  • Fixed: Loading EurekaLog 4-6 debug format in Address Lookup tool.
  • Fixed: [LLVM/CLang] Added workaround for Exception.RaisingException is not being called.
  • Fixed: [LLVM/CLang] Added workaround for ExceptionAddress being equal to nil for software exceptions.
  • Fixed: Redmine now supports unlimited amount of projects.
  • Fixed: Minor JSON text parsing issue.
  • Fixed: Minor issue in logging code.
  • Fixed: [Enterprise only] Possible crash when recompile EurekaLog with non-English locale.
  • Fixed: IDE may fail to display RTL/VCL units when double-clicking on call stack in EurekaLog's dialogs and Viewer.
  • Fixed: Now screenshot will not be captured if sending is disabled.
  • Fixed: A rare stack overflow when getting debug information.
  • Fixed: False-positive memory leak after ignored resource leak.
  • Fixed: "Handler" property of exception filters can properly work with multi-values now.
  • Fixed: Buffer overflow in internal logging code.
  • Fixed: Minor improvements for internal crash reports.
  • Fixed: Range check error in JCL debug provider.
  • Fixed: Built-in icons are converted to RCDATA.
  • Fixed: Removed ISAPI unit from EurekaLogCore package.
  • Fixed: Various issues with freeze detection feature in DLLs.
  • Fixed: Possible range-check error in thread wrapper.
  • Fixed: Unnecessary label may be visible on MS Classic dialog when text is too large.
  • Fixed: [C++ Builder] Added __lock_stream leak to know RTL leaks.
  • Fixed: Added support for JIRA API Tokens (JIRA Cloud no longer accepts passwords).
  • Fixed: Added workaround for OpenTools API issues when compiling projects via "Build All Projects" or Build Groups (only for RAD Studio XE and above).
  • Fixed: Leaks checks performance optimizations.
  • Fixed: Wrong unit / routine may open in IDE when double-clicking on EurekaLog's call stack dialog when there are collapsed items.
  • Fixed: Possible crash in JIRA sender when custom fields contain invalid values.
  • Fixed: Call stack building for exceptions in routines with broken stack frame.
  • Fixed: Wrong address may be used in RAW stack dump.
  • Fixed: Added workaround for TMS Web Core and similar IDE extensions.
  • Fixed: Added 'System.SimpleShareMem' to list of allowed units before EL units in "uses" clause.
  • Fixed: Rare crash in TerminateThread when low-level hooks are installed.
  • Fixed: Minor startup performance improvements.
  • Fixed: Minor fixes in ecc32/emake.
  • Fixed: Reseting resource leaks categories.
  • Fixed: Possible losing GetLastError's value in CreateFileA.
  • Fixed: A minor memory leak in apps with thread pools (ISAPI, etc.).
  • Fixed: Rare crash in DumpAllocationsToFile.
  • Fixed: Rare crash when using shared memory manager in slave mode and shared memory manager is re-initialized.
  • Fixed: A minor performance optimization for startup of packaged apps.
  • Fixed: Source files line breaks.
  • Fixed: File uploads for JIRA with API Tokens auth.
  • Fixed: [Regression] Problems with importing old memory options.
  • Fixed: [Regression] List index out of bounds when changing status in Viewer.
  • Fixed: [Regression] EUREKALOG symbol is not added correctly when external configuration is used.
  • Fixed: [Regression] "Pause threads" options did not work properly.
  • Fixed: [Regression] Rare wrong unmangling values from .map debug info provider.
  • Fixed: [Regression] Changes in RTL broken generating external *.elsym files.
  • Changed: "DLL" profile was renamed to "Lightweight DLL".
  • Changed: Mem/Res leak add handler is converted to function. Now you can return False to indicate that leak was ignored.
  • Changed: Leaks checking will now stop collecting leaks info when it reaches 4 times of "Max leaks to report" option. This can cause to report less leaks than "Max leaks to report" - because other collected leaks may be removed later due to grouping (parent/child) or counting (same leaks).
  • Changed: Added more internal logging.


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