InterBase 2020

La compatibilidad con espacios de tablas mejora el rendimiento en servidores con varias opciones de almacenamiento de datos.
Noviembre 15, 2019
Nueva versión


  • Database Tablespaces - Tablespaces allow a database object definition to specify a storage location in a particular logical file collection. This is especially beneficial for disk technologies, allowing you to better mix the use of fast SSDs and large HDDs. This is a key difference, since prior to InterBase 2020, all of the files for a database had to be mapped to the same storage. A database administrator can leverage tablespace characteristics to optimize runtime database performance.
  • New OS Platforms Support - InterBase 2020 expands OS platform support. Embedded InterBase is now available for Android 64-bit and macOS 64-bit. This allows RAD Studio developers to build InterBase enabled 64-bit Delphi applications and target both the Google Play Store and macOS App Store.
  • Enhanced Performance Monitoring - Performance Monitoring of index usage in InterBase 2020 gives you current statistics on what indexes are in use in the database, and how active they are for various queries (optimization, order by clause etc.). This expands on what is already provided in terms of monitoring statistics for various other entities like tables, stored procedures, triggers, attachments, transactions etc.
  • Data Dictionary DDL - New ALTER DESCRIPTION syntax allows you to describe any database entity (for e.g. table, index, stored procedure, generator etc.) in a standard (and independent) way without needing to embed the description as part of the entity definition.
  • SQL Optimizations - Transform "inequality operators" and "not operators" to their opposite representation for index based retrieval. Inequality operators, such as , >, >= can be transformed and optimized.
  • Security Enhancements - OpenSSL upgrade - InterBase 2020 uses OpenSSL 1.0.2s across all platforms to avail recent vulnerability fixes from the OpenSSL project.
  • IBConsole Improvements - InterBase 2020 comes with an enhanced IBConsole GUI for Windows. It supports the latest feature set including Tablespaces and Data Dictionary modifications and includes enhanced support for InterBase’s Change Views functionality. InterBase 64-bit edition now includes a 64-bit native IBConsole application, that will allow larger datasets to be retrieved in the query window.


Base de datos altamente escalable, potente e integrable.

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