Advanced Installer Professional 16.8

Añade la capacidad de crear automáticamente archivos MST mediante PowerShell.
Febrero 19, 2020
Nueva versión


  • Added the ability to automatically create MST files using PowerShell.
  • Synchronize font files in MSIX builds.
  • Early digital certificate validation for MSIX.
  • Show files skipped for signing at build time when they are already digitally signed.
  • Improved network connectivity for remote repackaging.
  • Import custom versions from target platforms when importing/editing an MSIX.
  • Extend MSIX Advanced Installer stub support for elevated and non-elevated executables at the same time.
  • Update to Modification Package to support editable Min/Max versions.
  • Modification Package UX improvements.
  • Update "Apache Tomcat 7" prerequisite to latest version 7.0.99.
  • Update "Apache Tomcat 8.5" prerequisite to latest version 8.5.51.
  • Update "Apache Tomcat 9" prerequisite to latest version 9.0.31.


  • "Test Script" functionality fails for any script if the installation type is set to "Per-User only".
  • Project is not marked as modified when using the setters in PowerShell.
  • "Failed to save project changes" error when opening .AIP file in Visual Studio.
  • Advanced Installer crashes when navigating in COM view after MSIX import/edit.
  • "Install MSIX/Appx Package" predefined custom action does not log any failure.
  • "filename.VisualElementsManifest.xml" can be deleted and will generate an error on build.
  • Register edit field from Express edition start page is not working.
  • Fix crash when updating from Simple project.
  • The assemblies installation fails when the rpk file is imported.
  • Visual Studio Extension does not import the dependency of an application reference file.
Advanced Installer Professional

Advanced Installer Professional

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