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Mejora los controles Scheduler, Spreadsheet y Reports.
March 27, 2020 - 14:31
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All WPF products

  • ExpressionEditor does not support the ToDateTime function.
  • Form Filling - An interactive form containing several fields with the same names is filled incorrectly.

Data Access Library

  • SqlDataSource - MySql parameter values should escape ASCII control characters with the backslash.

DXAccordion for WPF

  • AccordionControl stores data items that were deleted from the source in the memory.
  • StackOverflowException occurs when different AccordionControl items are selected in a MIF application.

DXBars for WPF

  • BarSubItem's popup is closed before BarButtonItem handles a click.
  • DevExpress.Xpf.Bars.GalleryControl throws a data binding error when the control's item source is reinitialized.
  • RadialContextMenu doesn't handle mouse clicks in certain cases.
  • Setting BarContainerControl's Orientation property affects all inner popups in SE, VS 2017 and Office 2019 themes.
  • SvgImageSource uses incorrect icon colors in the Office2016Black theme.

DXCharts for WPF

  • An unhandled error (Null Reference) occurs during the data bound Chart Control initialization in certain situations.
  • An unhandled exception (NullReferenceException) occurs when rendering Crosshair Cursor in certain scenarios.
  • An unhandled exception occurs when setting the RangeControl minimum date in certain situations.
  • Chart Designer - The Chart Type gallery layout is incorrect.
  • ChartControl incorrectly displays Selected Point markers on scrolling in certain cases.
  • OutOfMemoryException exception occurs after upgrading to recent versions (19.2 and 19.1).
  • Polar Diagram - The Polar Line Series layout changes when ChartControl's size is small.

DXControls for WPF

  • Badge does not show animation when you hide it and make it visible again.
  • DXTabControl closes the current tab on the middle mouse button click even if the content area is clicked.
  • DXWindow causes a GDI memory leak.
  • InvalidOperationException is thrown when DXTabControl instances are shown in different threads.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when a control with a badge that is located in an unloaded panel is reloaded.
  • ThemedWindow - A maximized window with the SizeToContent property set to a non-default value is clipped if the Windows Taskbar position is different from the bottom.
  • ThemedWindow - The window header is incorrectly merged with DXTabControl when its ItemsSource property is not null.
  • ThemedWindows in dialog mode don't flash when a non-modal/owner window is clicked.

DXDiagram for WPF

  • End-User Report Designer - MissingManifestResourceException occurs on an attempt to edit and reorder bands via a dialog.

DXDocking for WPF

  • DockLayoutManager's panels are misplaced in certain scenarios when the ItemsSource property is used.
  • Incorrect window background colors for the active and inactive states in the Office2007~ themes.

DXEditors for WPF

  • The Padding property in PasswordBoxEdit does not work for NullText.
  • DateEdit with DateEditNavigatorWithTimePickerStyleSettings does not allow selecting MinValue in its popup.
  • DateNavigator does not gray out disabled dates in the VS2010 theme.
  • DXEvent cannot process the RequestNavigation event from HyperlinkEditSettings.
  • It's impossible to close an application when the InvalidValueBehavior property is set to WaitForValidValue.
  • LookUpEdit causes DuplicateSerializationIDException when there are several editors in a container.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown on focusing a different application if PopupBaseEdit popup is open.
  • The DateEdit.IsReadOnly property does not work when the Enter key is pressed or the OK and Cancel buttons are shown in the popup.
  • TokenComboBoxEdit does not support Chinese.

DXGantt for WPF

  • GanttControl - GanttView's edit form does not update data in the view.

DXGrid for WPF

  • AutoFilterRow foreground is not changed when the row is focused in the VS2017Light theme.
  • DateTime.MaxValue cannot be selected in the ExcelSmart filter popup.
  • FilterEditorControl does not use FilterEditorHeaderTemplate for a selected column.
  • Filtering UI - MultiFilterElement with the IsBetween operator does not allow selecting DateTime values.
  • FilterString cannot be set by style triggers because GridControl unpredictably overrides this property when it's set for the first time.
  • GridControl - Text in AutoFilterRow disappears when it has focus in the VS2017 Theme.
  • GridControl doesn't update the HasErrors property correctly when the IDataErrorInfo interface is used.
  • GridControl loads data from a database when SearchPanelAllowFilter is set to false and a server mode component is used.
  • GridControl with bands does not export group values if the first column's AllowPrinting is False.
  • LookUpEdit causes DuplicateSerializationIDException when there are several editors in a container.
  • Nodes are not expanded automatically after the AutoExpandAllNodes property is restored.
  • NullReferenceException occurs if TreeListView's CheckBoxFieldName property is assigned and the bound source collection is destroyed.
  • The use of the FilterPopupGroupFields property may lead to duplicate input in the Auto Filter Row in corresponding columns.
  • The ValidateRow event is called twice when the edit form is used and a user clicks a different row.
  • TreeListView is refreshed after editing a cell value even if AllowLiveDataShaping is disabled.
  • Update/cancel buttons require two clicks if a custom CellEditTemplate is used.
  • WcfServerModeSource raises InvalidOperationException if its context's SaveChanges is called with the Batch parameter.

DXLayoutControl for WPF

  • The TileLayoutControl.GroupHeaderStyle property doesn't work when AllowGroupHeaderEditing is set to true.

DXMap for WPF

  • An unhandled exception (NullReferenceException) occurs when setting the MapShape.Title property at runtime.
  • ListSourceDataAdapter - Map objects are loaded very slowly after the upgrade.
  • Map rendering performance decreases when adding data points to the ListSourceDataAdapter source at runtime.

DXPivotGrid for WPF

  • Excel-Style Filter - Pivot Grid does not apply filter values selected in the Customization Form Filtering.
  • WPF PivotGrid - Data Area fields are shown in the reverse order.

DXPrinting for WPF

  • DocumentPreviewControl - The "Page Setup" dialog has a hardcoded (unlocalized) "Units" entry.
  • SqlDataSource - MySql parameter values should escape ASCII control characters with the backslash.

DXPropertyGrid for WPF

  • DXEvent cannot process the RequestNavigation event from HyperlinkEditSettings.
  • PropertyGridControl ignores the CollectionDefinition settings from DataTemplate applied via PropertyGridEditor.

DXRibbon for WPF

  • Access keys work in RibbonControl if BarItem.RibbonStyle is set to SmallWithText.
  • The RibbonPage.HideWhenEmpty property does not hide the ribbon page.

DXRichEdit for WPF

  • ArgumentException is thrown on an attempt to load a specific DOC document with tables.
  • ArgumentException is thrown on an attempt to select an empty document's paragraph and press any key.
  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown on an attempt to replace a table with text pasted from the Clipboard.
  • RichEditControl inserts an empty paragraph and moves a character at the next paragraph on an attempt to enter a character when the entire paragraph is selected.
  • Selection of certain symbols operates improperly.
  • Table content is partially missing in a document with a multi-column layout.
  • TextBox content is clipped when the TextBox is rotated and is located near the page edge.
  • TextBoxes are rendered incorrectly after loading a specific document.
  • The image's Text Wrapping option is incorrectly saved in the OpenDocument format.

DXScheduler for WPF

  • ArgumentException is thrown when setting a yearly recurrence pattern.
  • Custom selection restriction logic cannot be implemented at the SchedulerControl class descendant level after CellSelectionController became private.
  • ICalendarImporter does not raise its AppointmentItemImporting event.
  • SchedulerControl ignores a custom mapping converter when AppointmentLabelMappings's Brush property is bound.
  • SchedulerControl raises InvalidOperationException when it is defined in ScrollViewer and AllowInfinitSize is True.
  • SchedulerControl throws NullReferenceException when SelectedAppointmentsSource contains an item that does not exist in the AppointmentsSource collection.
  • SchedulerControl uses an incorrect color as a resource brush in some scenarios.
  • The content of Scheduler's cells is not visible when cells are selected.
  • Time regions have incorrect bounds in TimelineView.

DXSpellChecker for WPF

  • NullReferenceException is thrown on an attempt to close the Spelling dialog if the DXSpellChecker behavior is initialized via a custom style.
  • The RichEditSpellChecker behavior has a memory leak.

DXSpreadsheet for WPF

  • A data validation rule with an input message longer than 255 characters can be created through the API.
  • Usability - There is no public API to copy cell range formatting in a style.

DXTreeList for WPF

  • A memory leak occurs when TreeListControl's items source is frequently updated.
  • Fields bound with "CheckBoxFieldName" are incorrectly updated in TreeListView.
  • TreeListControl nodes are expanded slowly when multiple selection is used.

eXpress Persistent Objects

  • Fields bound with "CheckBoxFieldName" are incorrectly updated in TreeListView.

MVVM Framework

  • DXEvent cannot process the RequestNavigation event from HyperlinkEditSettings.

PDF Viewer for WPF

  • Rendering - A Type3 font glyph with the 'd0' operator that has invalid arguments cannot be rendered.
  • Rendering - Large memory consumption when rendering many images of small height.
  • StackOverflowException is thrown on an attempt to open a specific PDF document.
  • System.Drawing.Printing.InvalidPrinterException: "No printers are installed" is thrown on an attempt to show the Page Setup Dialog if there are no printers on the machine.

Windows UI

  • DXFolderBrowserDialog doesn't include a newly added folder when the "Make New Folder" button is clicked.

XtraReports Suite

  • "An item with the same key has already been added" error occurs in ReportService if XRCheckBoxes with custom glyphs are used.
  • End-User Report Designer - FieldListOptions.SortOrder does not affect drag-and-drop scenarios.
  • End-User Report Designer - MissingManifestResourceException occurs on an attempt to edit and reorder bands via a dialog.
  • The order of fields in the data area is changed after displaying PivotGrid's designer.
  • There is no way to edit the watermark settings if a cached document is used.
  • XtraReport - The KeepTogether option does not work for XRPictureBox.
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