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El nuevo diseño de cuadrícula transpuesto en FlexGrid puede representar columnas como elementos de datos y filas como propiedades de elemento.
Abril 07, 2020 - 16:52
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  • Manage Files in the Cloud using the FileManager UI
    • The new FileManager UI control integrates with our cloud storage Web API to provide the interface for CRUD operations over files. The Web API supports cloud storage services like Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), DropBox, GoogleDrive, and OneDrive.
    • The intuitive UI of the control is similar to Windows file explorer. It supports listing, searching, moving, uploading, deleting, and downloading files easily through menus.
    • The control is available in ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Core MVC.
  • FlexGrid Enhancements
    • New Grid Perspective using Transposed Grid - The TransposedGrid is an extension of FlexGrid control. It uses a transposed layout to represent columns as data items and rows as item properties. Transposed layouts are useful for comparing items or displaying a few data items where each item has many properties.
    • Super Practical Full-Text Search: apply a filtered search across all columns of the grid at once. This feature also includes CSS styling for the highlighted matches.
    • Column Pinning: With column pinning, end-users can move and freeze columns by simply "pinning" them. This simple usability enhancement is a popular request by end-users who are tired of scrolling.
    • Customize Cells with Templates: The columns of FlexGrid now have a template property that supports custom content. The template feature can be used to display arbitrary HTML content inside column cells.
    • Multi-Column Sorting Arrives: FlexGrid for ASP.NET Core MVC now supports multi-column sorting by clicking the column headers.
    • Collapsible Column Groups: With FlexGrid you can create hierarchical column headers. With the 2020 v1 release, those column groups can be collapsed to minimize the UI.
  • Multirow Enhancements
    • MultiRow Group Headers: The MultiRow Group Headers allow you to determine whether group headers should have multiple rows instead of the single header row. This is useful when displaying aggregate values in the group header.
    • Header Layout Definition: By default, the MultiRow control uses the same layout definition for column headers and for the cell data. You may use the new headerLayoutDefinition property to customize the layout of the column headers.
  • Web API Enhancements
    • New Visitor Web API - The new .NET Core Visitor Web API collects user data such as IP, Geographical location, language, referring site, session, operating system, device, browser. It's useful for web developers to customize content for individual users.
    • .NET Core Support for All Web API's - These Web API's for Excel, BarCode, DataEngine and Cloud Storage are now out of beta, support .NET Core 2.0 and above. GrapeCity added many platform samples that demonstrate how to consume these API from WinForms, JavaScript (using TypeScript) and MVC applications. Plus, the new C1ControlPanel for Mac means that you can now install the ComponentOne Web API components on a Mac.
A New Grid Perspective using Transposed Grid.

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