Advanced Installer Enterprise 17.1

Añade compatibilidad con firma digital para scripts de PowerShell.
Mayo 29, 2020
Nueva versión


  • Digital Signature support for PowerShell scripts.
  • GitHub integration for the Updater.
  • Password for digital certificate is required only once at build time.
  • Build warning if certificate used for digital signature is of SHA1 type.
  • Build warning if certificate used for digital signature has expired.
  • Visual asset contrast support for Microsoft Windows Shell "light" theme.
  • PowerShell support to configure project “Output” location.
  • Automatically disable the Repackager files that are not found on the local machine.
  • The user is allowed to display the "Trial" dialog on demand.
  • Option to display language name only in the language selection dialog.
  • Notify user when performing edits in a new Advanced Installer version.
  • Improved error message if certificate for digital signature has expired.
  • Installation Options support for PowerShell Automation.
  • Update "Visual Assets" page to show all supported scales.
  • The MSIX CN certificate is synchronized when adding the project build.
  • "VirtualMachinePlatform" feature support for Microsoft Windows 10.
  • Update COM sync to use all valid Versions for TypeLib in MSIX.
  • Don't sync COMs in UWP when their dependencies files are not included in the build.
  • Silent installation for Java 8 prerequisite.
  • The max and min default "Target Platform" for disabled platforms are actualized.
  • Add MSIX COM sync for "com3:ServiceServer" and "LaunchAndActivationPermission".
  • Update predefined prerequisites for ".NET Core 3.1" to latest version 3.1.4.
  • Update size and MD5 signature for "Microsoft SQL Server Compact 4.0 SP1" predefined prerequisites.
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