Highcharts Stock JS v8.2.0

Mejora la animación de gráficos y la exportación de datos.
Agosto 21, 2020 - 14:33
Nueva versión


  • Reorganized source file structure and naming.
  • Added defer as an animation parameter. This allows for the granular deferring of series animation, labels etc.
  • Added toggle feature for data table in data export module.
  • Added support for configuring sonification options in chart configuration, as well as support for disabling individual series, configuring master volume, and inverted polarity mapping. Note that chart configuration options are still considered experimental and may change.
  • Added new option, time.moment, allowing the moment.js library to be used without being available in the window context.
Highcharts Stock JS

Highcharts Stock JS

Biblioteca de gráficos financieros de alto rendimiento.

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