SmartAssembly Pro 7.5.x

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Septiembre 18, 2020 - 16:49
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Updated Sep 10, 2020


  • SmartAssembly custom attributes are now available as a NuGet package, RedGate.SmartAssembly.Attributes.
  • Added /log, /logLevel, /logFile command line options to ease up logs configuration.


  • SA-2348: Building Microsoft .NET Standard and Microsoft .NET Core libraries without a .deps.json file is now possible.
  • SA-2358: SmartAssembly no longer adds unnecessary references to processed Microsoft .NET Standard 2.0 and Microsoft .NET Core 2.0-2.2 assemblies.
  • SA-2369: SmartAssembly SDK no longer throws an exception when calling Database.ExecuteReader() after Helpers.DecodeStackTrace() has been called.
  • SA-2372: Dependency search order for Microsoft .NET Framework was changed.
  • SA-2340: SmartAssembly.SDK assembly and SmartAssembly.Database sample project now target Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0.

Breaking changes

  • In this release of SmartAssembly Redgate Software have renamed the following options to avoid using discriminatory language and better describe their usage:
    • Command-line argument /dbMasterConn was renamed to /dbCreatorConn. If you rely on this command-line argument when executing SmartAssembly, you will need to adjust places where it's used to reflect those changes.
    • SmartAssembly.settings property MasterConnectionString was renamed to DbCreatorConnectionString. If your settings file contains this property, SmartAssembly will attempt to update the configuration file automatically upon startup.
SmartAssembly Pro

SmartAssembly Pro

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