ComponentOne Studio WPF está preparado para .NET 5

GrapeCity anuncia el prelanzamiento de la comunidad de controles .NET 5 para WPF.
Noviembre 05, 2020 - 13:04
Alerta de noticia

GrapeCity has been collaborating with Microsoft to make the ComponentOne Studio .NET controls compatible with Microsoft .NET 5 - the convergence of .NET Framework and .NET Core. Microsoft is unifying the APIs and runtime of all development platforms and GrapeCity is pleased to announce the community preview of .NET 5 controls for WPF.

  • Microsoft .NET 5 WPF and WinForms Controls (CTP) - Get a look at the first .NET 5 WPF and WinForms controls implemented just in time for the release of .NET 5. These controls are built upon .NET 5 and take advantage of new features without compromising on backward compatibility or performance. In the initial WinForms CTP, GrapeCity is releasing FlexGrid, FlexChart, Ribbon, Sparkline, SuperTooltip, C1Icon, ExpressionEditor, RulesManager, and themes. For WPF CTP, they are releasing FlexGrid, FlexChart, FlexPie, Input, DateTime Editors, ColorPicker, ComboBox, DropDown, Docking, RichTextBox, TabControl, and TreeView.
  • Microsoft .NET 5 Support for WPF and WinForms - The .NET 5 CTP includes new versions of the most popular WPF and WinForms controls built on .NET 5 for optimal performance and features.
  • Microsoft .NET Core 3.1 Support - 2020 v2 now supports .NET Core 3.1 across WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET Core MVC, and Blazor.

For more information, please see the following products:

ComponentOne WPF Sales Dashboard App demo.

ComponentOne Studio WPF

Más de 100 controles esenciales de interfaz de usuario de WPF.

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