ER/Studio Data Architect Multiplatform 18.5

Añade compatibilidad con Oracle 18c y 19c.
Noviembre 09, 2020 - 16:36
Nueva versión


  • Added a new ribbon-based user interface for ease of use. Available actions are now located on ribbon bars for:
    • Diagram - Includes the functions related to creating and maintaining a data model diagram, such as editing, formatting, and viewing.
    • Insert - Includes the functions related to placing graphical objects onto a diagram, divided into Logical, Physical, and Data flow types.
    • Model - Includes the functions related to managing the model as a whole, including generating a physical model and compare/merge, along with sub model properties and options.
    • Tools - Includes the functions related to importing/exporting, managing a database, and other options.
    • Repository - Includes the functions related to accessing the repository, such as diagram check in/check out, data dictionary and named release management, and administration.
    • Macro - Allows the user to populate the ribbon with shortcuts to user-defined macros.
  • Added support for Oracle 18c and 19c.
  • Added Connectivity with Aqua Data Studio - Added the ability to export SQL code created during the Generate Database and Compare/Merge wizard process. This also allows you to edit and deploy to source control tools.
  • Improved REST API for better integration with Team Server.
ER/Studio Data Architect Multiplatform

ER/Studio Data Architect Multiplatform

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