AdminStudio Professional 2021

Integre fácilmente los flujos de trabajo existentes de solicitud de paquetes a través de una API de REST.
Abril 23, 2021 - 14:49
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  • Package Feed Module - Customization Wizards
    • New custom installation capability provides application specific options for customizing installations which provide a Microsoft Windows Installer Transform (MST) file.
  • Package Backlog Management
    • You can now manage a simple backlog of packaging requests directly within AdminStudio. Set priorities, sort and filter. The list may be populated by importing a CSV file, via a new Microsoft PowerShell Cmdlet and even by a newly documented API to facilitate integration with any existing workflow process.
  • Documented REST APIs
    • AdminStudio now supports REST APIs. They can be called by an external system to integrate with the new backlog capability, as well as to perform a wide range of other actions and issue requests.
    • A new PowerShell command (New-ASPackageRequest) has been added to provide the same capability for adding items to the backlog via a PowerShell script.
  • MSIX App Attach
    • In support of Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) environments, you can create VHD or VHDX images with support for App Attach. MSIX App Attach allows you to dynamically attach applications to WVD session without the need for a traditional installation process, saving time, and reducing complexity.
  • MSIX Editor Enhancements
    • Importing of registry files.
    • The ability to add a file or folder in the destination details view.
    • Support for the use of certificate store when digitally signing MSIX packages.
    • Display path and file name in the Windows title bar.
    • Provide log file details in the output window.
  • Support for ConfigMgr 2010 - You can distribute the following deployment types to ConfigMgr 2006 and 2010 distribution systems:
    • Microsoft Windows Installer Package (.msi).
    • Microsoft App-V Virtual Package (.sft, .appv).
    • Apple iOS (local and public store).
    • Google Android (local and public store).
    • Microsoft UWP app packages (.appx).
    • Installation Package (.exe).
    • PowerShell wrapped packages (.ps1).
    • Microsoft MSIX Package (.msix).
  • Support for Windows Server 2019
    • You can now run application compatibility testing against the new Windows Server 2019 version.
  • InstallShield 2020 R3
AdminStudio Professional

AdminStudio Professional

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